Where's Mama Hook titlecard Jake: Where's Mama Hook?!


Mama Hook: Ahoy, boys!

Sharky and Bones: Aye, Mama Hook.

Mama Hook: I hope you and James are excited about tea time today.

Sharky: We would never miss a spot of your tea, ma'am.

Mama Hook: (drops tea in the water) Oh no! My wild jasmine tea leaves, washed away like a ship in a storm.

Smee: Oh dear.

Sharky: I was so looking forward to Mama Hook tea time.

Bones: Me too!

Mama Hook: Oh, now, settle down, boys. I know exactly where I can find more wild jasmine tea leaves: Peaceful Valley.

Smee: Oh, let me get the map for ye.

Mama Hook: Wonderful. Boys, please help me pack for the trip.

Sharky: Aye-aye, Mama Hook!

Bones: At your service!

Smee: Where is that map? Deep Dark Valley? Oh, no! That place is scary! All pirates fear to go there! I should throw this wretched thing away! Now, where could the map to Peaceful Valley be? Oh, ha ha, I remember, I left it on me bunk!

Mama Hook: Thank you for your help, lads.

Sharky and Bones: You're welcome, Mama Hook.

Mama Hook: Oh, this must be the map to Peaceful Valley that Mr. Smee left for me. Tell James I'll be back soon.

Sharky: Cheerio!

Bones: Happy pirate trials!

Smee: Mama Hook, I got you the map to Peaceful Valley! Um, where is she?

Captain Hook: She was right here.

Sharky: She went to Peaceful Valley to get more leaves to make your tea.

Bones: But don't worry. She took the map.

Smee: Map? Which map?

Bones: The one you left on that barrel.

Smee: That wasn't the right map! That was the map to Deep Dark Valley!

Sharky and Bones: Deep Dark Valley?!

Captain Hook: Mummy's gone?

Song: Deep Dark Valley:

There's a place where pirates fear to tread

But I'm afraid it's dead ahead 

'Cause Mama Hook went there for tea instead

Smee: Oh no!

There be creepy creatures creapin' about

And once you're in, you'll never get out

Sharky: Oh, matey please don't say we have to go

to Deep Dark Valley

Bones: It's more than I can take

Deep Dark Valley

Sharky: Just to say it gives me shakes

The legend of Deep Dark Valley

Captain: Barnacles! We must find Mummy at once! Where is this cursed valley?

Smee: Well, without the map, I don't know! But, I do know someone who might.

Cubby: Pirate king me!

Izzy: Shiver me checkers! You won, Cubby!

Jake: Way-hey! Let's play again!

Captain Hook: There is no time for games! Tell them why, Smee.

Smee: We need help finding Mama Hook. She might be lost in Deep Dark Valley.

Captain Hook: Poor Mommy!

Izzy: Don't worry, Captain Hook. We'll help you find your mother.

Jake: Mateys, let's go find Mama Hook! Keep a lookout for her, and gold doubloons too.

Skully: Is everybody ready?

Jake: Got my sword.

Cubby: My map.

Izzy: My pixie dust.

Izzy: Yo ho, let's go to Deep Dark Valley!

Captain Hook: And find me mummy!

Song: Yo Ho Mateys Away:

Yo-ho, mateys, away

There'll be treasure and adventure today
Let's go!
Heave-ho, here we go
Together as a team
Jake and the Never Land pirates...
And me

Skully: Ahoy, Deep Dark Valley!

Cubby: We'll be okay... as long as we follow my map. Check this out. All the paths through Deep Dark Valley lead to Topsy Turvy Plain. I bet Mama Hook will end up there too. So that's where we should go.

Captain Hook: Step lively men, and look for me mama on the way!

Sharky: What if strange beasties be lurking about!

Bones: Like the terrible Two-toothed tiger!

Captain Hook: Nonsense! There is no such thing!

Bones: It's the Two-toothed tiger!

Captain Hook: Oh, bilge water, it's just a nice kitty.

Two-toothed tiger: (roars)

Captain Hook: Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Jake: Captain Hook, wait where are you going?


Smee: Oh dear!!!

Jake: Great! Now Captain Hook is lost too!

Captain Hook: We're lost!

Smee: Well, the sea pups said that all paths lead to Topsy Turvy Plain. Maybe Mama Hook is there.

Captain: All I know is me mum is all alone.

Sharky: We're not totally alone, sir. There be creepy creatures around here.

Bones: Like the Hairy-scary Bat!

Sharky: And it's coming straight for us!

Hook's crew: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Mama Hook: Ahoy, there. I thought I heard someone. Let's see, this isn't the map to Peaceful Valley. This is Deep Dark Valley. Haven't been here in ages. Cascading Slides is straight ahead. There's no wild jasmine there. But I might be able to find some pomegranate flowers. They make for a delightful tea.

Jake: Come on! Maybe, they went this way!

Cubby: This stream goes to Cascading Slides. Then, the path will lead us straight to Topsy Turvy Plains!

Jake: Come on! Maybe Mama Hook went this way too!

Captain Hook: Paddle faster, men! We must get us far away from that beast as we can!

Smee: Aye-aye captain! Uh... we're paddling!

Mama Hook: What is that delightful scent? Pirate pomegranate flowers. I can practially taste the tea already.

Captain Hook: Help meeeee... Smee!!!

Smee: Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Mama Hook: Hmm... that's funny, I thought I heard my boy. Nah. Couldn't be. Must be the wind.

Izzy: Here we go!

Jake's crew: Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake: All right, we made it down Cascading Slides, and got five gold doubloons, let's grab them and go to Topsy Turvy Plain! Let's go!

Mama Hook: That's odd. Now, I'm hearing the sea pups. Deep Dark Valley is as mysterious as ever.

Captain Hook: Mummy! Oh, mummy dearest! Oh, sad heart. Where is my poor old mum? She must be lost without me.

Sharky: You hear that? Another beastie!

Captain Hook: Flee!

Mama Hook: No vines can slow me down! Onward ho!

Hook's crew: Whoawhoawhoawhoa

Captain Hook: Save me, save us all!

Mama Hook: Bodkins! That sounds like me boy. What would he be doing here? (bat swoops in) Oh, oh my.

Smee: I think we lost the bad beastie

Sharky: But I think we found...

Sharky and Bones: ...Topsy Turvy Plain!

Skully: Crackers! I hear old hookie! Whoa whoa whoa-in'

Jake Then, yo ho, let's follow that whoa!

Cubby: Coconuts! We found Topsy Turvy Plain! Whoaaaaa...

Jake: And we got five more gold doubloons. Let's grab them and gooooooooo.

Jake's crew: Whoa!

Smee: Sea pups, whoa ho ho, you found us.

Captain Hook: But where is me mum?

Cubby: She must still be lost.

Bones: So now what do we do?

Cubby: If we don't get off this, we're never gonna find Mama Hook.

Skully: And we're never getting outta here!

Captain Hook: So we'll be going round in circles forever.

Mama Hook: Never.

Bones: It's the Hairy-scary Bat.

Captain Hook: M-m-m-mummy!

Jake: Mama Hook, how did you find us?

Mama Hook: Hop on. It was easy. Everybody always ends up on Topsy Turvy Plain.

Jake's crew: Yo ho, way to go, Mama Hook!

Mama Hook: Ah. There's nothing like a spot of tea in the afternoon.

Captain Hook: Especially with you, mommy dear. I thought I'd lost you forever.

Mama Hook: Me? Lost? James, there is never a need to worry. I will always find my way back to you.

Jake's crew: Aww.

Mama Hook: And look what I found, pomegranate flowers. Perfect for my newest brew: Brave Buccaneer Tea.

Jake: Thanks for helping us find Mama Hook and Captain Hook and his crew too. Now, let's put all our gold doubloons in our team treasure chest.

Song: Team Treasure Chest Song:

Way-hey, well done, crew
Everyone knew just what to do
Way-hey, with help from you
It's time to count our gold doubloons

Jake: Come on! Count with us!

All: Yeah!

Izzy: One, two, three, four, five...

Jake: ...Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Yo ho! We got ten gold doubloons today.

Cubby: Hey, where's Skully? Now we lost him!

Skully: Crackeroo! You found me!

Captain Hook: Ha, Mommy's Tea is as delicious as ever. It is so soothing, you know.

Two-toothed tiger: (growls)

Bones: Sorry to bother you Cap'n, but... but, the beastie is back!

Smee, Sharky, and Bones: Save us, Captain!

Captain Hook: As soon as I finish me tea, boys.

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