Wendy's Acorn Necklace-Captain Hook's Last Stand
Wendy's Acorn Necklace
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Other Names
User Peter Pan,Wendy Darling
Purpose Symbolizing a kiss between Peter Pan to Wendy
Location Never Land
Final State Destroyed by Captain Hook
Wendy's Acorn Necklace is acorn necklace given to Wendy Darling by Peter Pan during her original visit to Never Land.



As revealed by Wendy sometime during her original visit to the mystical island of Never Land.Peter Pan gave Wendy an acorn button as a kiss.As seen in the episode special "Captain Hook's Last Stand!",Wendy wears the acorn as a necklace that she always keeps with her.

Role in the Series

Wendy's Acorn Necklace first appeared in the series finale "Captain Hook's Last Stand!", Wendy and her brothers travel to Never Land for Peter and Tinker Bell homecoming who have returned from there travels to the Lands beyond the Never Sea. Peter shows the various treasures from his travels and warns his friends of the danger of one, the Doom Stone that has the power to turn anyone into stone and gradually turn its user evil and into stone. During the visit, Captain Hook harnesses the power of the Doom Stone, which he uses said power to turn Peter into stone, finally eliminating his nemesis. Jake and his crew with help from Wendy, John and Michael rescue their petrified friend by hiding him from Hook and his crew within Tiki Forest. Wendy, her brothers, Jake, and his crew soon learn that Peter can only awaken with a kiss. They believed they must use the acorn that Peter had given Wendy when they first met (which he had called "a kiss"). After Hook destroys it, however, the heroes realize it is an actual kiss that's needed. Wendy kisses Peter, and this breaks the spell cast over him. Meanwhile, Captain Hook's use of the Doom Stone petrifies him, as well, though Wendy is able to free him with a kiss just the same.



  • Wendy mentioned that Peter Pan gave her the acorn button as a kiss during her original visit to Never Land.While the scene is never featured in the Disney 1953 animated film it is a reference to James M. Barrie's 1911 Peter Pan book,Wendy gave Peter Pan a thimble to represent her kiss to him, Peter Pan gave Wendy an acorn button as a kiss in return. Each wore the symbol of love and friendship on a chain around his/her neck. Peter Pan's acorn button even managed to save Wendy's life.
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