The Warrior Statues are minor characters in Disney Junior animated TV series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They are a army of clay-based ceramic warriors brought to life with magic.They are the primary inhabitants of the Forbidden City.

Roles in the series

The Warrior Statues first appeared in the episode "The Forbidden City",Captain Chen comes to asks Jake to help him finding the Forbidden City which has a cure for his dragon curse. While journeying through the Forbidden City, Chen and Jake had to face various trials, battling the warriors. After the warriors, they are allowed to enter the city. Unknown to Jake and Chen that Captain Hook and his crew spot the heroes heading enter the city and was bent on claiming whatever treasure within. Hook and his forces disguise themselves as clay warriors but this is short-lived when Bones sneezes and his costume is ruined forcing the villainous pirates to flee into the city with the warriors in pursuit. Later after finding the enchanted sorcerers treasure Captain Hook is transformed into a dragon destroys the soldiers that chased his crew. Back aboard the Jolly Roger Hook is sulking that his latest plot for treasure has failed, but his crew tries to cheer him up by offering the armor of one of the warriors. It seems to work at first until the warrior climbs aboard the Jolly Roger to reclaim his armor much to the horror of Hook and his crew.

Episode Appearances


  • The warriors are based upon the Terracotta Army.
  • The warriors wielded Qiang. The chinese term for spear.


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