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Valley of Ice
Background Information
First appearance "Queen Izzy-bella"
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Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Queen Isabella,Jake , Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee,Sharky,Bones
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The Valley of Ice is an icy section of Never Land.


Not much is currently known about the Valley of Ice other than what Izzy describes from her book. Queen Isabella, an adventurous treasure hunter of legend armed with her magical Sword of Light, set off to explore Never Land's Valley of Ice. Isabella manages to beat all the trials but the last was the Cave of Ice which was home to a fearsome Ice Dragon who guard the treasure of the Valley of Ice. The Queen manages to survive her encounter with the Ice Dragon and was able to recover the treasure but lost her sword to the valley in the process.

Role in the Series

The Valley of Ice first appeared in the episode "Queen Izzy-bella", after the reading the story about Queen Isabella, Izzy journey to find treasure in the Valley of Ice, she decides to go complete the queen's quest by herself when Jake, Cubby, and Skully didn't think the legend was true. When she arrives at the Valley of Ice she gets past the same big rocks Queen Isabella encountered and sang the same song the queen sang to move the rocks. Izzy then finds the Sword of Light and reads the inscription on the sword to raise it and find out who the most swashbuckling pirate is, but not before Captain Hook who had been following Izzy attempts to take the sword for himself. Jake, Cubby, and Skully who followed Izzy's trail of Pixie Dust to the Valley of Ice arrive just in time to see Izzy raise the Sword of Light and turn into Queen Isabella. She then leads the crew to the Cave of Ice where they face the Ice Dragon. Izzy was the first to outsmart the dragon by ice skating in circles around her. When the crew goes inside the cave, they find three golden eggs encased in ice and realized that the dragon was merely protecting her eggs. Using the Sword of Light Izzy frees the eggs from the ice and three baby dragons hatch. After the Ice Dragon freezes and flings Captain Hook out of Cave of Ice Izzy told the dragon that she and her mates were glad to help her eggs hatch. Izzy then raises the sword and reverts back into normal self. Jake, Cubby, and Skully then apologized to Izzy for not believing her story.


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