Trouble on the High Sneeze title card Jake: Trouble on the High Sneeze [Announcing title]


[in a field of white lilies with Belch Mountain in the distance]

Izzy: Check it out! Aren't these wild Never Lilies beautiful? I wanted to share them with all my mateys! [Holding a bouquet of lilies]

Jake: They're awesome all right, but weren't we gonna meet Pip here?

Skully: Yeah, where is that kooky pirate genie? [Belch Mountain loudly burps up clouds of dust] Crackers! Belch Mountain's dusty burps always make my beak itch!

Cubby: You're not the only one! [Sniffs and sneezes]

Everyone: Ah-choo!

Hook Ah-choo! [Off-scene behind the bushes]

Jake: Say, I think someone is trying to be sneaky! [Walks crew to where Hook's crew is hiding]

Hook: [Sniffs] Don't be ridiculous!

Bones: Aye, we wasn't being sneaky, we was just trying to swipe your treasure!

Sharky: That is until the Cap'n here found out it weren't nothing but flowers!

[Pip swoops on in chuckling, landing with his boots on the ground]

Hook: Huh? Pirate genie? [unhappily]

Pip: Sorry I'm late, but me nose has been giving me a little... Ah... Ah... a little... Ah-choo! [Tries to cover his nose]

Izzy: My flowers! [Gasps as her bouquet changes into a golden jewelled sceptre]

Hook: Me treasure! [Snatches the sceptre from Izzy, happily]

Pip: Ah-choo! [changes the sceptre into a croaking frog]

Hook: Me treasure! [Saddened as the frog hops away]

Izzy: Shiver me sneezes! What's going on?

Pip: That's what I was trying to tell ya. That belch volcano's burps have tickled me nose. [Belch Mountain burps again] And now my sneezes are making me magic go wild! Ah... Ah... Ah... Whew.

[Starts song]

Pip: Got a tickle in me nose,

You better stand back, [changing into his tail to his legs and back quickly in the air]

my genie's magic out of whack,

You might be walking' along in pirate boots, oh yeah, [sneezes on Hook's boots, changing a different pair]

and just like that you're steppin' in codfish stew, [Hook's foot in codfish stew pot]

You can never be sure your treasure chest be safe, [Materialize a chest of gold]

No no,

'Cause I can change into a seasick crocodile, [Change chest into a crocodile]

Or a hippo on roller skates, [Change crocodile into hippo on skates]

So watch out mate when I start to wheeze,

You gotta beware of my allergies,

'Cause I'm sneezin' out wishes that should never come true,

Ah-choo! [Hippo disappears; Song ends]

Hook: Bah! This is a waste of time, men! Let us move on and find treasure that stays treasure!

Pip: Ah-choo! [Changes Hook into a crab with his hook while wearing a clown hat; his crew gasps]

Hook: Well, don't just stand there gain', you gobs! Treasure awaits! Why are you so tall? [Notices his new pincer] Ooh! I'm a crab!

Bones: [Chuckles] You're not a captain anymore, you're a crab-tain with a silly little clown hat. [Laughs]

Hook: I am your captain and, uh... [Takes notice of Jake and his crew]

Jake: Whoa!

Skully: Crabby! [Cubby chuckles]

Izzy: No way!

Hook: Bones, pick me up. [Bones lifts Hook up on his hand to Pip; Hook clears his throat] I've had enough of this nonsense, pirate genie! Change me back now! [Angrily]

Bones: He's a little crabby! [Says to Sharky, both of them laugh]

Pip: Flippity, slippity, slopping, slapping! Turn this crab-twin into a captain! [Double-claps but only changes Hook's hat to normal]

Hook: That's it?

Pip: [Laughs nervously] Whoops! Sorry, Captain Hook, but when me nose gets stuffy-sneezy, I can't control me magic!

Cubby: Coconuts! How can we help you, Pip?

Izzy: I know just the thing Pip needs to clear his sneezy nose: the magical mists of Misty Cove. Once he breathes in the mist...

Pip: No more sneezes! Let's do it!

Jake: [To Audience] Mateys, let's help Pip the pirate genie stop his wacky magic sneezes!

Skully: Is everybody ready?

Jake: I got my sword!

Cubby: My map!

Izzy: And I've got my pixie dust!

Jake: Yo-ho, let's go get Pip to Misty Cove so he can stop his sneezing! [Pip marches along with Jake's crew]

Hook: Follow that genie! Walk this way! [Hops down and crab-walks after Jake's group]

Hook's Crew: Aye, aye, crab-tain! [Walk like crabs behind Hook]

Yo-ho mateys away,

There'll be treasure and adventure today,

let's go,

heave-ho, here we go,

together as a team,

Jake and the Never Land pirates and me

[Scene changes to dirt path along a river, everyone following Cubby]

Cubby: Mateys, Misty Cove is this way!

Pip: Uh-oh! Not again. I... My nose, I, uh... Ah... ah...

Sharky: Plundering blunderbuss! He's gonna blow! [Bones, Sharky and Smee runs away for cover]

Pip: Ah-choo! [Sneezes a giant gong that the three run into, groaning from collation] Ah-choo! [Sneezes some trees that Izzy hides behind into giant candy canes; Izzy gasps] Ah-choo! [Stops sneezing]

Cubby: Whew! That was close! [Hears monkey sounds] Huh?

Jake: Why do I feel like eating bananas? [Jake got turned into a monkey boy]

Izzy: [Giggles] Because you've got a monkey tail! [Jake sees his new tail]

Cubby: And monkey ears! [Jake tugs on his big ears]

Pip: I'm really sorry, Jake.

Jake: Don't worry, Pip. The magical mists of Misty Cove is gonna help you stop your sneezes. Then you can fix everything.

Skully: That mist better work or Jake'll be a monkey's uncle!

Pip: Okay, but let's stay away from anything that might make my nose itch, like smoke, flowers or dust!

Cubby: You mean like the Dusty Bucket Forest? [Points to a forested path with buckets of dust hanging from the trees]

Hook: That blasted genie said no dust!

Cubby: But it's the only way to Misty Cove!

Jake: Just be careful not to bump into anything and we'll get right through... Oh, oh, oh, aah! [Make monkey sounds and gestures briefly, chuckles nervously]

[Everyone on dusty bucket trail; Song starts]

Bones & Sharky: Tiptoe mateys away,

Movin' mighty sneaky creepily today, [Jake, crew and Pip tiptoes across then turns to Bones and Sharky, dumbfounded at their busking]

That ain't pixie dust a hangin' from the trees,

Don't bump a bucket or the genie will sneeze. [Pip ducks aside and under the buckets; Song ends]

Pip: [Sniffs] Amazing! No one bumped into a dusty bucket! No dust, no sneeze!

Hook: Blast! [Bones trips over on Hook]

[Sharky catches Bones but steps onto a rolling log, rolls over Hook and crashes into a tree; the tree's branch cracks as a dusty bucket is about to fall]

Smee: Oh, dear. [The bucket crashes and dust clouds the area up to Pip]

Pip: Ah... ah... [Tries to hold back his sneeze]

Cubby: Aw, coconuts!

Izzy: Yay-hey, no way.

Pip: Ah-choo! [Sneezes a pile of rocks into butterflies]

Bones & Sharky: Abandon Pip! [Everyone runs away]

Pip: Ah... ah... Ah-choo! [Sneezes Jake into more of a monkey with a banana]

Jake: Eek, oh!

Pip: Ah-choo! [Sneezes the trees with holes that blows bubbles]

Cubby: Huh?

Skully: That's a lot of bubbles!

Pip: What... Oh...

[Everyone gasps as they get trapped inside the bubbles and gets carried away in the air]

Hook: Smee!

Cubby: Flying coconuts!

Skully: Crackers, too.

Hook: [Howls]

Izzy: Yay-hey. [Oversees Misty Cove in the distance]

Jake: What a view. [Makes monkey sounds]

Izzy: Misty Mists ahoy!

Pip: Shiny lamps! we made it.

Bones: Aye! And so long as our bubbles don't burst, we'll be floating there in no time at all! [Chuckles]

Hook: Not to mention, these bothersome bubbles might even keep us safe from any more of those silly sneezes! [Accidently pops his and Smee's bubble, howling as they lands and pops the others' bubbles]

Jake: This is an emergency. [Makes monkey sounds, pops his and Izzy's bubble with his sword]

Izzy: Pixie dust away! [Throws pixie dust on everyone; everyone lands safely on the ground]

Pip: Say, I think my sneezes are gone. Oh wait. Ah-choo! [Sneezes a sandy whirlwind] Whoa! Well, that wasn't so bad!

[Jake tugs on Pip's top and points away, trying to tell him something in monkey sounds]

Bones: Methinks... [Repeats Jake's monkey sounds] might be monkey for sneezy-magic whirly-wind! [Whirlwind getting bigger and heads towards the mists]

Cubby: If that whirly-wind gets any closer to the mist, all the magical misty mist will be whirled away!

Skully: Crackers! Then Pip will never clear his nose to get control of his out of control magic!

Pip: Then I've got to get over to that mist, fast! [Takes to the air with his tail and flies towards the mists, ahead of the whirlwind] I hope this works! [Breathes in deeply the mists] Ahh! [Sighs] Ha ha! I can breathe again! No more sneezing and no more wacky magic.

Izzy: Pip! Here comes the whirly-wind!

Pip: Oh! I almost forgot! Desert sands and magic lamps galore! Turn everything back to the way it was before! [Double-claps, the whirlwind disappears]

[Jake changes back to normal, chuckling; Hook also changes back to normal]

Hook: Glorious day! I am back to me old self again!

Pip: You and me both! [Chuckles as he flies back to the crews]

Izzy: Yay-hey! For helping to stop Pip's sneezes, we got 12 gold doubloons! Let's grab them and go back to Pirate Island! [Crew grabs doubloons]

Hook: Step lively, lads! Before we get caught up in any more sneezy silliness.

Pip: Oh... Oh you better hurry, I feel one coming on! Ah... ah... ah... [About to sneeze]

Hook: Save me, Smee! [Hook's crew and self runs away]

Pip: Ah... [Hook's crew runs from sight, screaming] Just kidding! [Laughs with Jake and crew]

[Scene changes to Pirate Island's beach]

Jake: Mateys, thanks for helping us stop Pip's wacky magic sneezes today. Now let's put all our gold doubloons into our team treasure chest!

[Starts song]

Way-hey well done crew,

Everyone knew just what to do,

Way-hey with help from you,

It's time to count our gold doubloons. [Song ends]

Jake: Come on! Count with us!

All: Yeah! [Everyone throws their doubloons over the chest]

Jake: One, two, three, four...

Cubby: Five, six, seven, eight...

Izzy: Nine, ten, eleven, twelve!

Jake: Yo-ho! We got 12 gold doubloons today! [Doubloons drop inside]

Skully: And Izzy finally gets her bouquet of flowers, picked by me! [Hands Izzy the bouquet of Never Lilies]

Cubby: We got something for you too, Jake. Bananas! [Holds up a bunch of bananas]

Jake: [Chuckles] Hey, I may not be a monkey anymore, but I still like bananas! [Makes monkey sounds as everyone laughs]

[Scene changes to the Jolly Roger]

Hook: Oh, what a wasted day! [Moping over the rail] Tomorrow, all I want is treasure and no more meddlesome magic!

Sharky: Oh, but, Captain. Bonesy here thought he'd cheer you up with a little magic of his own!

Bones: Aye, Cap'n! Watch me pull a treasure out of this chest! [Has a clothed stand with a chest on top, wearing rugged magician clothes]

Hook: That ridiculous trick never works!

Bones: Ta-da! [Tick-Tock Croc pops out of the chest, smacking his lips] Oops.

Hook: Oh! Save me, Smee! [Tick-Tock growls and chases Hook in circles as Bones and Sharky watch stunned] Save me!

[Episode Ends]

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