Jake:Tricks, treats, and treasure.


Skully:I spy a bug, a kitty, and a werewolf!

Jake:So whooo's ready to trick or treasure?

Izzy: Me! I mean... Me-ow! [laughs]

Cubby:Um, do you think we'll see goblins, ghosts, and witches? And goblins?

Izzy:You never know, Cubby. [chuckles] After all, it is Halloween on Never Land.

Jake:Hey, crew, check out this treat.Peter Pan's trick or treasure map.

Cubby:it has all the places we're gonna visit tonight. Mermaid Lagoon, Tiki Tree Forest, and the Great Pirate Pyramid in the desert.And look! It says here, "Trick-or- treasure, it's your pick.If you get too greedy, you only get the trick." What kind of trick?

Izzy:[chuckles] Peter always leaves fun booby-traps to trick anyone who tries to swipe the Halloween treat treasures.

Cubby:I sure don't want to get tricked by any tricky-tricks.

Izzy:We'll be fine, as long as we play by the rules, and only take one treat treasure.That way, there'll be enough for everybody.

Jake:Say, mateys, will you trick or treasure with us?Great! Remember to keep a lookout for gold doubloons.Whenever we solve a pirate problem together, they'll appear. Then we'll collect 'em and put 'em in our Team Treasure Chest.

Skully:Is everybody ready?

Jake: I've got my sword.

Cubby: I got my map!

Izzy:And I've got my pixie dust.The fairies gave it to me so that we can use it to fly.But only in emergencies.

Jake:Yo-ho! Let's go trick or treasure!

Song: Yo Ho Mateys Away:

Yo-ho, mateys, away

There'll be treasure and adventure today
Let's go!
Heave-ho, here we go
Together as a team
Jake and the Never Land pirates...
And me

Mr. Smee: Oooh, mermaid lagoon, [chuckles] Tiki Tree Forest, [gasps] and the Great Pirate Pyramid.

Captain Hook:Mr. Smee, where did you get that treasure map?

Mr. Smee:Why, it's a trick or treasure map, Captain.Peter Pan sends it to us every Halloween.

Captain Hook:Oh, pish posh! What is all this "trick or treasure" nonsense anyway?

Mr. Smee:Trick or treasure is when people hand out treat treasures to everyone in costumes.

Captain Hook:They just hand out treat-treasures?

Mr. Smee: Oh, yes, and lots of it too, lots!

Captain Hook:Smee...for the first time in all me life, I, Captain Hook, intend to trick or treasure.

Mr. Smee:[laughing] Oh, that's wonderful, Captain.

Captain Hook:But I'm not just taking the treat-treasures that are handed to me, no, no...I'm taking all the treat-treasures!

Mr. Smee:That's right, you're taking all the... Wha...[sigh] Oh, dear.

Jake: First stop, Mermaid Lagoon.

[doorbell rings]

All:Trick or treasure!

Stormy:Happy Halloween.Or as we mermaids call it, "Shell-oween" [giggles]

Cubby:Coconut? Mmm. My favorite.

Hook: Mine, too.

All:[gasping] Captain Hook?

Hook:[chuckles] How did you know it was me?

Skully:Uhh, I don't know.The mustache? The hook? Uh...

Hook: Yes, yes, I get it.

Jake: Wow, Captain Hook.We've never seen you out trick or treasuring before.

Smee:Can you believe it? It's his first time.

Jake:Just remember the rules.Start by saying "Trick or treasure"!

Izzy:Never take all the treat-treasures.

Cubby:And always say "thank you"!

Hook:Oh, please.I'm not interested in silly "rules." I'm only interested in getting the treat-treasures.

Stormy:Happy Hallow...

Hook:I'll take that me little mer-matey.

[vine snaps]

Hook: What's this?

Stormy: It's a trick.

[Hook grunts]

Izzy: Shiver me bones!We can't go in there to save the treat-treasures.That coral is sharp.

Cubby:But... how can we get 'em back?

Jake:I know! We can make a lasso out of seaweed, and save Stormy's bowl. Yay!

Izzy: Way to go, Jake!

Skully: Woo-hoo!

Stormy: Goody-goldfish!

Izzy:Yay-hey, we saved Stormy's bowl of treat-treasures, and we got two gold doubloons.Let's grab 'em and go.

Hook:We're going too, Smee. Hold on tightly.

Smee: Holding, captain, holding!

Stormy:Thanks for helping me, friends.And have fun trick or treasuring!

Smee:Now, Captain, we don't want to spring another Halloween booby-trap.

Hook:Of course not.So you distract these wooden-heads, and I'll scoop all the treat-treasures into me loot bag.

Smee:[stammering] But, Captain, couldn't we... Ugh...

Tiki Tree: What's this then?Aren't you a little old for trick or treasure?

Smee:Oh, you're never too old for trick or treasure.In fact, I'm going to the Great Pirate Pyramid next.Is that walking distance from here?

Tiki Tree:Everywhere is walking distance...if you have legs. [laughs]

Hook: Now, where are they hiding those treat-treasures?

Skully:Crackers! What's old Feather Hat doing?

Cubby:...being sneaky!

Izzy:And I betcha he's gonna trip another one of Peter's tricks.

Jake: Ah, the treat-treasures! - Captain Hook, wait!

Ooh! Ahh!

[Smee groans]

Jake:Whoa! That trick really blew me away!Oh-oh.

Izzy:We've gotta get Jake down.

Cubby: Maybe the Tiki Trees can help.Excuse me?Mr. Tiki Tree, could you please help us get Jake down?

Mr. Tiki Tree:Sure thing, lad.Come on, boys. Let's lend a branch.

Tiki Tree: Watch your step.

Jake:Thanks, Tikis.

Izzy:Yay-hey! We got Jake down safely, and we got two more gold doubloons. Let's grab 'em and go.

Mr. Tiki Tree:Go? [chuckles] Aren't you forgetting something, man?

Jake:Huh? Oh, yeah!

All: Trick or treasure!

Tiki Tree:[laughs] Help yourselves and have a happy Halloween.

Cubby:Thank you.

Izzy: Thank you.

Jake: Thanks.

Skully: Yo-ho!

Jake:Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, you OK?

Hook:Yes, yes, we're fine.We're just, uh...taking a break from all this Halloween hilarity.

Smee:May I suggest, sir, [stammers] it might be more fun if we tried to just trick or treasure like the sea pups.[chuckles] Taking only our fair share.

Hook:Well... all right, fine.This time, I won't take all the treat-treasures from the tricky-treasure bowl.

Izzy:Good for you, Captain Hook.

Smee:[chuckles] I'm proud of you too, sir.

Hook:Well, yes, you see...I won't steal all the treat-treasures from the bowl...I'll let Jake and his puny pirates get theirs first, and then I'll steal the treat-treasures from them.

Smee:Oh, dear!

Skully:[Skully] Jumpin' jack-o-lanterns!Captain Flynn's Pirate Pyramid sure is Halloweeny.

Hook:It certainly is.Oh, but where are my manners?Step aside, Mr. Smee, puny pirates first.

Cubby:Gee, Captain Hook sure is being nice.

Skully: Yeah, almost too nice.

[cackling] Happy Halloweeen.

Jake:[laughs] Captain Flynn!

Cubby:- Whoa!

Izzy:[laughs] Good one!


Flynn: Whaddaya say, mateys?

All: Trick or treasure!

Hook:- Trick-or-tre...

Flynn:Captain Hook! What might he be doin' here?

Mr. Smee:Oh, just enjoying the holiday.Boo! [chuckles]

Flynn:Well, there's plenty of treat-treasures for everybody.Even you, Hook.

Jake:See, Captain Hook, you don't have to steal all the treat-treasures to have a good time.

Hook:Maybe you don't, but I do! - [all] Hey!

Flynn: Blow me down!

Cubby: Those are our treasure bags!

Jake:[chuckles] I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Hook:Well, you're not... me.

[bell dings]

[Hook, Smee yell]

Jake: Oh, no! our trick or treasure bags!

Flynn:This is some kind of an emergency, all right.

Izzy: Then it's pixie dust time! Yay-hey! We got back our trick or treasure bags, and we got three gold doubloons.Let's grab 'em and go.

All: Bye, Captain Flynn!

Thanks for the treat-treasures.

Captain Flynn:Happy Halloween, kiddos!

Jake:Thanks for going trick-or-treasuring with us, mateys.Now, let's count our gold doubloons, and put them in our Team Treasure Chest.

Song: Team Treasure Chest Song:

Way-hey, well done, crew
Everyone knew just what to do
Way-hey, with help from you
It's time to count our gold doubloons

Jake:Come on. Count with us.

All: Yeah!

Jake:One, two


Izzy: Five, six, seven!

Jake: for solving pirate problems today, we got seven gold doubloons.We sure got a lot of Halloween treat-treasures this year.

All: Happy Halloween!

Captain Hook: this ridiculous Halloween night is over.Oh, Mr. Smee, take that silly costume off. I told you, it's over.

Mr. Smee:Beg your pardon, Captain?

[Tick-Tock Croc chuckles]

Captain Hook: [stammers] What?

[Hook yells] Smee!

[Tick-Tock Croc chomps]

Captain Hook: Save me!

[Tick-Tock Croc laughs]

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