Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb titlecard Jake: Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb!


Cubby: Um... Jake, do we have to go so fast?

Jake: Aye, Cubby! Captain Flynn sent us an urgent call asking for help!

Captain Flynn: Well, ahoy mateys. Ye made good time.

Jake: Ahoy, Captain Flynn. Looks like you're in a sand heap of trouble.

Captain Flynn: That I am. Me precious Barracuda's buried in drifting sands. Without help, it'll take weeks to dig out.

Skully: We better get started. Got any bird-sized shovels?

Izzy: I've got a better idea. We just need to find the Never Land ankh.

Skully: Ankh? What's an ankh?

Izzy: It's an ancient Egyptian word for an object shaped like this. (Draws the ankh in the sand) The Never Land Ankh works like a magic wand with the power to move sand!

Captain Flynn: Why, I could dig out me ship with a wave of the Never Land Ankh! Where do we find it?

Cubby: Well, my map says its right here in the Never Land Desert, but it's inside the P-P-Pirate Mummy's Tomb! I've heard that mummies jump out of dark places and scare you. And that sounds... scary!

Jake: The ankh may be in a mummy's tomb, Cubby, but without it, we can't get Captain Flynn's ship out of the sand!

Izzy: So we'll just have to keep our eyes and ears open for trouble.

Captain Flynn: Besides, I've never actually seen a mummy. Who knows? They might not be scary at all!

Cubby: You're right. Thanks, guys. Let's go find that ankh!

Jake:(To the audience) Come on, mateys! Help us search for the Never Land Ankh so we can dig out Captain Flynn's ship! Remember to keep a lookout for gold doubloons.

Skully: Is everybody ready?

Jake: Got my sword!

Cubby: Got my map!

Izzy: And I've got my pixie dust!

Captain Flynn: Yo-ho, let's go to the Pirate Mummy's Tomb!

Song: Yo Ho Mateys Away:

Yo-ho, mateys, away

There'll be treasure and adventure today
Let's go!
Heave-ho, here we go
Together as a team
Jake and the Never Land pirates...
And me

Skully: Crackers! We found it! The entrance to the Pirate Mummy's Tomb!

Captain Flynn: Hold up, mateys! That sign means "Beware: pirate booby traps!"

Jake: Thanks, Captain Flynn. If we're gonna find the Never Land Ankh, we'll have to be extra careful. Yo-ho, inside we go!

Captain Hook: Psst! Smee! Did you hear that? The Never Land Ankh! If I could get me hooks on that, I could move all the sand in the desert and find every piece of buried treasure!

Mr. Smee: Aye, Cap'n, but I also heard b-b-booby traps and m-m-mummies! Everyone's afraid of mummies!

Captain Hook: True, Smee. And that gives me a sneakily snook-ish idea. (transitions to Hook and Smee dressed up as mummies) Now, that we're dressed as mummies, we'll scare the popinjays away. Hee hee. And then I shall find the Never Land Ankh meself!

Jake: Mateys, keep your eyes open for pirate booby traps.

Izzy: And mummies.

Cubby: Uh, speaking of mummies, did you mateys hear that sound?

Hook and Smee: Oh dear. Blast.

Cubby: P-P-Pirate Mummies! Run!

Jake: Cubby! Wait for us!

Captain Flynn: Laddie, heads up for booby traps!

(gets trapped)

Skully: We're trapped! Booby trapped!

Cubby: Well, it's not all bad. Those mummies can't get us now.

All: Huh?

Izzy: Yay-hey, no way!

Skully: We'll be crumbled like crackers!

Captain Flynn: Maybe them mummified mateys can help us! Ahoys, you two! How's about a little help?

Hook and Smee: Booby trap!

(Walls start moving)

Cubby: It'll take something really strong to stop those moving stones!

Jake: My sword is strong! Stand back!

Captain Flynn: Yay-hey! We be saved!

Cubby: But how do we open these bars?

Skully: Look out there! A lever!

Cubby:(To the audience) Yo-ho! For escaping the trap, we got three gold doubloons! Let's grab them and go find the Never Land Ankh.

All: Whoa...

Jake: Looks like we found the Pirate Mummy's Tomb.

Izzy: Check out that symbol on the floor. This must be where the Never Land Ankh is kept!

Skully: But I don't see any ankhs laying around.


Hook and Smee: Booby trap!

(loud thud)

(both groaning)

Cubby: The Pirate Mummies found us again!

Captain Hook: Blast.

Smee: Oh, dear.

Jake: Mateys, don't be scared. I think I know who these mummies are. And I'm going to find out right now. Time to go for a spin.

All: Captain Hook and Mr. Smee?

Jake: Sorry I made you dizzy, but why are you two dressed like mummies?

Captain Hook: To scare you puny pirates away and grab the Never Land Ankh meself!

Smee: 'Twas the perfect plan.

Cubby: Except we haven't found it yet!

Captain Hook: Well, perhaps one of these levers shall reveal its hiding place! Like say... this one!

Captain Flynn: Sizzling sands, we're trapped!

Pirate Mummy: (gasps, screams)

(all gasp)

Izzy: If that's not Captain Hook or Mr. Smee...

Cubby: ...Then it's the real pirate mummy.

Pirate Mummy: P-p-people. (screams)

(all scream)

Captain Hook: Hide me, Smee!

Smee: You hide me first, Cap'n!

Pirate Mummy: I be the one who needs hiding! Now, where did I stow that secret reverse lever?

Cubby: Wait a minute. Mr. Mummy, you screamed too. Does that mean you're afraid... of us?

Pirate Mummy: Afraid? Well, I don't get a lot of visitors so, p-p-people give me the heebie-jeebies.

Skully: He's afraid.

Cubby: We sure didn't mean to scare you!

Pirate Mummy: Well, you could have fooled me! Why, all that screaming and yelling and setting off me pirate booby traps... ...jitters a pirate mummy's nerves, it does!

Jake: We were just trying to find the Never Land Ankh. To help out our matey, Captain Flynn.

Captain Flynn: Ahoy there.

Pirate Mummy: A fellow captain?

Izzy: That's right! His ship is buried in the sand and we thought the ankh might help.

Pirate Mummy: Very clever of ye! The ankh's a real sand-mover!

Jake: Do you think we could borrow it?

Captain Hook: Blast your blasted borrowing! I demand that ankh! With it, I'll find treasure hidden in the desert! Perhaps this lever reveals it!



Captain Hook: Another booby trap!

Smee: Oh dear, Cap'n, you've done it now! The doors are sealed! We're doomed!

Izzy: Shiver me sand dunes! This is a definite emergency. Pixie dust won't get us out of this one!

Jake: But maybe the Never Land Ankh will! Captain Mummy! Where is the ankh?

Pirate Mummy: One Never Land Ankh coming up!

All: The Never Land Ankh!

Jake: Got it!

Pirate Mummy: The magic words are on the side. Say them and the ankh will command the sands as you wish!

Jake: Sand-um command-um! Sand, leave this tomb!

Smee: Oh my word. We're saved.

Jake: Yo-ho! For stopping the sand trap, we got three more gold doubloons! Let's grab them and go!

Captain Hook: Now hand over that ankh!

Pirate Mummy: That does it, ye sneaky snook. 'Tis time you went "ashore".

Captain Hook: Blast!

Smee: So long!

Pirate Mummy: Now that you have the ankh, mateys, use it to help Captain Flynn.

Jake: Thanks! We'll return it to you after we free the Barracuda.

Pirate Mummy: Farewell, mateys. Come back anytime and play another game of Pirate Mummy Tomb Hide-n-Seek!

Jake: OK, Captain Flynn, let her rip!

Captain Flynn: Sand-um command-um! Sand free me ship!

Izzy:(To the audience) Yo-ho! For helping free Captain Flynn's ship from the sand, we got four more gold doubloons! Let's grab them and go!

Jake: Goodbye!

Izzy: So long!

Captain Flynn: Fair winds to ye, mateys.

Jake:(To the audience) Mateys, thanks for helping find the Never Land Ankh and freeing Captain Flynn's ship! Now let's put all our gold doubloons into our team treasure chest.

Song: Team Treasure Chest song:

Way-hey, well done, crew
Everyone knew just what to do
Way-hey, with help from you
It's time to count our gold doubloons

Jake: Come on! Count with us!

All: Yeah!

Cubby: One, two, three.

Jake: Four, five, six.

Izzy: Seven, eight, nine, ten.

Jake: Yo-ho! We got ten gold doubloons today!

Cubby: And I found some more things with the amazing power to move sand!

Izzy: Yay-hey! What are they, Cubby?

Cubby: Coconuts! Yo-ho, let's move some sand, mateys!


Smee: 'Tis a good thing I landed right on you when that spring sent us flying, eh, Cap'n? (chuckles)

Captain Hook: No, Smee, 'twas not a good thing at all! Ow. Ooh! Why me?

Sharky: B-B-B-Bones, Lookie there!

Sharky and Bones: It's a pirate mummy! Aah!

Smee: Oh, dear!

Credits - Standalone Broadcasts Only:

Skee-lee bop and stomp the swamp
Skee-lee bop and stomp stomp stomp
Headed out in your buccaneer boots
To the yucky mud and the muck
Splish splash and treasure hunting
Until your boots get stuck
It's icky sticky grody slushy slimy fun
We gonna stomp swamp and use both feet
Splashing all around to a banjo beat
Swamp stomp, you use both feet
Splashing all around to a banjo beat
Swamp stomp, a left and a right
Invite me along and I'll say "aye aye"
It's pirate puddle stomping, muddy marching time
We gonna stomp swamp
And use both feet
Splashing all around to a banjo beat
Stomp stomp stomp that swamp
Stomp stomp stomp that swamp
It's pirate puddle stomping
Muddy marching time
We gonna
Stomp swamp
And use both feet

Splashing all around to a banjo beat!

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