Golden figurehead-Pirate Ghost Story
Treasure Tooth's Golden Figurehead
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Other Names
User Captain Treasure Tooth
Location Never Land (formerly)
Pirate Paradise (current)
Final State Back aboard the Spirit of the Seas
Can't be too careful. There are greedy pirates about. Long ago, they stole me golden figurehead.
―Captain Treasure Tooth

Treasure Tooth's Golden Figurehead is an object from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It's a golden figurehead resembling a mermaid playing a horn belonging to the ghost pirate Captain Treasure Tooth.


Many pirates who sail the Never Sea have heard various tales of the legendary ghost-ship that harbors Treasure Tooth spirit who has been searching the endless sea in search of his missing golden figurehead that was stolen by a band of wicked pirates.

Roles in the series

In the episode "Pirate Ghost Story", Jake and his crew were out sailing out to sea one evening they come across the Spirit of the Seas. Skully was the first to recognize the vessel and inform his young mateys of the tale of the ship. After hearing the Spirit of the Seas belongs to a ghost Cubby was reluctant to come aboard but Jake assured his matey theirs nothing to fear. While expecting the captain's cabin Jake and his crew encounter Treasure Tooth ghost much to their surprise. Treasure Tooth assured his new friends that he means no harm and informed them of his plight he needed to find his golden figurehead so he can ascend to Pirate Paradise and be reunited by his lost love Peg-Leg Peg. Jake and his crew agreed to assist in his quest using The Spirit of the Seas as their means of transportation throughout the adventure. The Spirit of the Seas is last seen once Treasure Tooth returns his figurehead back and taking flight into Pirate Paradise as Treasure Tooth and Peg-Leg Peg are reunited.


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