Hook on Treasure show and tell day

Captain Hook during Treasure Show and Tell Day.

Treasure Show and Tell Day
is a day when all the pirates aboard the Jolly Roger show the treasure that they found over the years.

Role in the series

In the episode "Treasure Show and Tell!",Hook's crew had various trinkets that collect tho not of monetary value were still treasures to them.Soon it became Captain Hook but he didn't have any treasure to show feeling very depress over the ordeal he breaks into song.In order to restore Hook back into his normal self Mr. Smee enlist the help of Jake and his crew help Hook find treasure to show and tell. They gave him a map to follow so that he could find treasure. Even with the map unknown to Hook was created by Jake and his friends strayed off the course a couple of times but finally again thanks to Jake and his crew from behind the scenes help Hook discover a treasure of his very own and allowing to join in the fun of Treasure Show and Tell Day.