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Treasure-Wishing Well
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Background information
Other Names
User Pip the Pirate Genie
Purpose Restoring Pip's magic
Location The Valley of Nowhere in Never Land
Final State Still Standing
The Treasure-Wishing Well. It holds the magic that can help me restore my treasure-wishing power! I've been looking everywhere for it and Never Land is my last hope.
―Pip the Pirate Genie

The Treasure Wishing Well is a enchanted wishing well hidden deep within the Valley of Nowhere section of Never Land. It is the only means of restoring Pip the Pirate Genie's magic on the island.It is voiced by Loren Hoskins


It is currently unknown who created the well, Pip knew of the well but during his travels on Never Land was never able to find it on his own.

Role in the series

Welcome, Pirate Genie, this is what to do: Come closer, so my wishing magic can wish-wash over you!
―Treasure-Wishing Well

The Treasure-Wishing Well first appeared in the episode "Pirate Genie-in-a-Bottle!" where Jake and his crew discover Pip's ship-in-a-bottle and couldn't wait to make wishes of their own. But as Pip attempt to make their wishes come true, he would accidentally conger up frogs as his magical powers are running out. He knew of a location in Never Land called the Treasure-Wishing Well in order to restore his powers. While on the hunt for the well, Pip is asked by the young pirates what he would wish for. Pip admits he would wish for a ship of his very own so he'd sail the Never Sea, however pirate genies aren't allow to grant their own wishes. During their travel to the Treasure-Wishing Well, Pip's ship-in-a-bottle gets stolen from Jake and his friends by Captain Hook and his scurvy crew. When they soon realized that Pip can't grant wishes as he was, they continued onward to the Treasure-Wishing Well to restore Pip's powers.With Pip's powers restored and his ship-in-a-bottle still in Captain Hook's grasp, he had no choice but to grant Hook's wishes.


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