Jake with the Tiki
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Other Names
User Jake,Izzy,Cubby,Skully
Purpose Allows access into and out of the hideout
Location Pirate Island
Final State Still on Pirate Island
The Tiki is a recurring object featured in the series.Its a large tiki idol that serves as the means of opening the entrance of Jake and his crew's hideout on Pirate Island.


When the crew presses on the Tiki's tongue the palm trees open revealing a door to the entrance to the Hideout.In season four of the series the Tiki is given another feature taking part in a mechanism to summon the Team Treasure Chest from Pirate Island beach.

Role in the series

In the series first episode "Hide the Hideout!" Captain Hook and Mr. Smee where searching all across Pirate Island for a means to getting inside the hideout,unknown to make Hook as he leans on the the Tiki's tongue twice the door to the hideout is revealed.

In the episode "Invisible Jake." After retrieving the Invisibility Ring Jake and his crew soon make back to Pirate Island using the power of the ring to make Bucky invisible preventing Hook from trailing them.Little do the young pirates know, Hook soon become aware of there trick and manages to follow.Hook and Smee were seen hiding behind the Tiki as he and crew waited to ambush Jake and friends and retrieve the ring.Aware of Hook's plot Jake and his friend use the power of both Invisibility Ring and Izzy's Pixie Dust to sneak back into the hideout while Bucky leads Hook far out to sea.


Playing with Skully

The Tiki makes a minor appearance during the intro and closing sequence to the spin-off.It can also be spotted during the first episode "Ship Ahoy!",Skully needs the viewers help keeping a lookout for the Jolly Roger approaching Pirate Island.


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