The Tiger Lilies are minor characters featured in the series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They are a large carnivorous plants that inhabit the Easy Peasy Crater section of Never Land. There vocal effect are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.


Despite being plants,the Tiger Lilies have been depicted as being sentient and are one of the most feared plant species on the island,while normally, these plants are peacefully sleeping within the Easy Peasy Crater but if anyone fool hardy to wake them up or travel through there territory they will try to bite them with their razor-sharp teeth.

Role in the series

The Tiger Lilies first appeared in the episode "Grandpa Bones",Through the course to reclaim Captain Buzzard's treasure,Grandpa Bones had difficulty recalling which path he and the other pirates had travel to the Pinnacle of Doom to uncover the treasure when the group came across a fork in the road one path leading down to Spooky Swamp and the other path leading down Easy Peasy Crater.Captain Hook soon grows inpatient with Grandpa Bones and goes down Easy Peasy Crater believing it was the safest of the two paths.Bones was about to follow Hook down the Easy Peasy Crater when Grandpa Bones stopped him recalling that Captain Buzzard chose traveling through the swamp was the safer option, as the Easy Peasy Crater is home to giant carnivorous Tiger Lilies.As Hook storms through the crater he quickly wakes the sleeping Tiger Lilies who quickly wake with a mighty roar, causing Hook to panic as he attempts to flee he is caught in the jaws of one of the Tiger Lilies.As Hook screams for the other pirates to save him.Jake quickly race to Hook's aid by swinging across a jungle vine and snatches the captain out of the jaws of the Tiger Lilies.With Hook safe Jake is rewarded with some gold doubloons before pressing onward to the Pinnacle of Doom to uncover Captain Buzzard's treasure.

Episode Appearances



  • The Never Land Tiger Lilies are model after the tiger lilies featured in the Disney 1951 animated film Alice in Wonderland.

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