Tick-Tock the Crocodile is a recurring character from Disney Junior's television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is the very same crocodile that devoured Captain Hook's left hand after Peter Pan cut it off in a sword fight some years ago. Tick-Tock loved the taste of Captain Hook's hand so much, he has followed the Jolly Roger ever since, licking his chops eager to devour the remains of the captain, Luckily for Hook however, the croc swallowed an alarm clock, allowing Hook to hear him coming. His vocal effects are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.



Tick-Tock was born a couple of years before the events of "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" and "Peter Pan", hatching on the shores of Never Land. He was adopted by one of Tinker Bell's pixie companions whom he imprinted on believing she was his mother. Not long after being born, the infant croc found himself aboard the ship of a young pirate captain named James, who would one day become the feared Captain Hook. During his escapade aboard James' ship, the crocodile accidentally swallowed the alarm clock of one of the crew members, thus gaining his iconic nickname. The ship adventure would also lead to Tick-Tock's first encounter with Hook, believing the captain was a codfish, prompting him to snap and chase after him in the seas.

Years later, Tick-Tock would eventually grow to a monstrous size, and his never-ending pursuit to have another taste of James continued. One day, however, James' hand was cut off in battle by Peter Pan, and fed to Tick-Tock as a snack, thus fueling the croc's hunger even further. Fortunately for James, now known as Captain Hook after the loss of his hand, the ticking alarm clock in Tick-Tock's stomach gives a warning whenever the croc is near.

During the final phase of the first film Pan and Hook battle once more on the ship's mast, Tick-Tock waits below hoping that Hook would fall off into the sea. After losing his duel with Pan once more Hook tries one last attempt for revenge by striking Peter while his back was turned, Peter moved out of the way, causing the pirate to loses his footing as he falls toward the sea and the waiting jaws of the crocodile. Hook manages to escape the croc's jaws once more, but was chased out of Never Land by the determined crocodile, with Mr. Smee and the crew following behind.

Sometime after the events of the first film Hook and his crew manage to evade both the crocodile and reclaim control of the Jolly Roger by this time Peter Pan decides to leave Never Land for outside adventure, with Pan exploring the lands beyond the Never Sea and the treat of Tick-Tock presumed at the time gone Hook stayed behind to dominate Never Land during Peter's absence.However, Tick-Tock would eventually return to Never Land after Peter's departure and is once again after Hook.


Tick-Tock is opportunistic, sneaky, carnivorous, persistent hunter who devotes most of his time to pursuing Captain Hook. Tick-Tock is extremely cunning. He will lie in wait for his prey, and will follow them for extensive periods. While usually seen as a ally to Jake and his crew as a great asset to keep Captain Hook at bay, being a hungry carnivore, Tick-Tock has tried to eat Jake and his crew at times. Tick-Tock generally keeps to himself and dislikes being disturbed. Unless of course Captain Hook happens to be nearby, then Tick-Tock will drop everything to try and devour the crooked pirate captain.

Role in the series

Tick-Tock first appeared in the episode "Yo Ho, Food to Go!" It was snack time aboard the Jolly Roger and Captain Hook was set to dine but wasn't pleased with Mr. Smee's latest dish Fish head porridge much to the surprise of his first mate Hook tosses the disgusting dish overboard unaware it land atop Tick-Tock the Crocodile who suddenly shows up next to the ship. Later once Hook and Smee reach a waterfall overlooking Never Land Smee spots a tiny island in the middle of the Never Sea which look like the perfect place the captain can enjoy the snacks when Jake and his crew soon arrive they pleaded with Hook to return the snacks but he still refused backing into Smee, who looses his footing with the bag of stolen snacks drags Hook down with him as he tumble over into the waterfall and later sent the villainous duo flying skyward landing on the tiny isle.Jake and his crew later give chase using a hollow log as canoe.

Finally believing that he has evaded Jake and his crew Captain Hook orders Mr. Smee to roll out the banquet until both pirates stop in their tracks when they hear the ominous ticking tune come ever closer to the tiny island Hook pointy mustache begin twitching in rhythm as the crocodile's eyes begin popping up to the tune, sending Hook into a panic Hook and Smee quickly climb up a palm tree with the crocodile nearby who threatens to eat them both. Jake offers to rescue Hook and Smee, but Hook refuses. Jake and his crew help, resulting in Hook and Smee still on top of the palm tree with the crocodile still trying to devour them.At the end of the episode Tick-Tock finally manages reach the top of the tree, sending Hook and Smee fleeing into the Never Sea swimming from the ravenous reptile, who waves good-bye to the frightened Hook and Smee as they swim back to the Jolly Roger.

Tick-Tock reappears in the episode "Surfin' Turf" after Izzy's surfboard is stolen by Captain Hook and Smee. Jake and his crew, accompanied by Marina, set off to take back their treasure.As Captain Hook and Smee make there way through Red River, Smee notices Tick-Tock sleeping next to shore.Smee tries to warn Hook to be careful not to wake the crocodile,However as Hook turns to scold Smee for ordering him around the tip of Izzy's surfboard hit Tick-Tock on the snout,waking him.Hook and Smee flee into Red River on the surfboard with the crocodile in pursuit. Later at the end the episode, Hook frees himself from the vine over Rainbow Falls, only to be chased away by the crocodile.

In the episode "Cubby's Sunken Treasure". Jake and his crew try to beat Hook and Mr. Smee to Captain Fisher treasure which was located at the bottom of Crocodile Creek, home of Tick-Tock. The croc prevents Hook and Smee from getting the treasure chest chasing the duo away from his lair. Tick-Tock reappears again at the end of the episode after being fished out of the Never Sea by Captain Hook and begins pursuing both Hook and Smee yet again aboard the Jolly Roger.

In the episode "The Key to Skull Rock " Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully journey to Skull Rock to unlock a door with a key given to them by Peter Pan. Unfortunately for Jake and his crew, Captain Hook has his eyes on the skeleton key and swipes it from the sea pups forcing Jake and his crew to pursue the Jolly Roger into Blue Whale Way which a few of the whales blocked Bucky's path causing Hook to gain a huge lead to the Never Sea Twin Tunnel and onward to Skull Rock.Once at the Never Sea Twin Tunnel, Mr. Smee suggest they sail through the larger tunnel but Hook was in to big of a hurry to reach the treasure to pay attention to Mr. Smee warning but he soon wish he had not only does the Jolly Roger get stuck within the smaller tunnel but Hook's old foe Tick-Tock the Crocodile was able to sneak aboard and attempt to devour him. Causing Hook and Smee to abandon ship with the crocodile in pursuit losing the key to Skull Rock in the process. Jake and crew soon reach the Twin Tunnel and sailed through the larger tunnel reclaimed the skeleton key to Skull Rock and rescued Hook and Smee from the crocodile by distracting him with a game of fetch using Mr. Smee's key-ring coated in pixie dust. Tick-Tock reappears at the end of the episode after retrieving the keys still eager to play much to Captain Hook's horror as he flees with the croc in pursuit.

The croc's largest role in the series so far was in the episode "Rock the Croc!" where Tick-Tock accidentally eats a map in a bottle to Jake and his crew's future spot to cool off.Furious Captain Hook storms over to Tick-Tock and order he handover that map at once but this is short lived when the crocodile snarls and attempts to devour the captain send Hook and Smee fleeing into the Never Land Jungle with Tick-Tock behind them.Jake and his crew soon followed once they caught up with the crocodile he was fast asleep leaving the young pirate team pandering how could they safety retrieve the map from Tick-Tock.Using one of Skully's tail feathers the pirate team attempt to make the crocodile sneeze up the map but Tick-Tock didn't sneeze.Captain Hook soon arrive using the feather on his hat to make the croc sneeze the map the out but much to Hook 's horror Tick-Tock awakes from slumber with a roar only for Mr. Smee to carry the captain to safety. The young pirates soon come up with the idea to get the crocodile to burp up the map. Luring Tick-Tock to Geyser Gulch to drink the fizzy bubbly water to make him burp up the map, the crocodile successfully drank the water and belched, but the map didn't come out. Captain Hook returned and tried patting the croc's back like infant much to the annoyance of the crocodile, who sent the captain flying out of the gulch.

Finally Jake and his crew decide to make the crocodile laugh out the map, Cubby tries telling Tick-Tock jokes but he was not amused and Jake tries singing a silly song but nothing seem to work.Captain Hook tries his hand to make the croc laugh masquerade as a clown but Tick-Tock merely rolled his eyes before trying to get back to sleep enraging Captain Hook who orders Smee to fetch his crocodile net but Jake powered by Izzy's pixie dust intervened snatching the net from Hook prompting the captain to give chase only to become in tangled within the net Smee tried frantically to free his captain but he knocks Hook on to a log only for Tick-Tock to slam his tail onto the catapulting Hook with into a palm tree. Tick-Tock found the captain's humiliation was so amusing he laughs out the map allowing Jake and his crew to enjoy Pirate's Plunge. Tick-Tock last seen at the end of the episode still amusing himself by gingerly pushing Hook, who is still confined in the net hanging from the palm tree, back and forth as Smee tries to rescue him.

In the special "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns" , Captain Hook and his crew journey to the Valley of Shadows with Peter's shadow. Unfortunately for Hook in order to reach the valley he and his crew would have to venture through Crocodile Creek where Tick-Tock is fast asleep Hook and his crew attempt to sneak pass the sleeping croc but Peter Pan,Jake and his crew soon arrive,Peter couldn't pass a chance to get his shadow back and make Hook look the fool using his impersonations skill, Peter disguised his voice as Captain Hook to fool Mr. Smee,Sharky and Bones. With Hook's men temperately dealt with Peter impersonate Mr. Smee to trick Hook. Peter pulling Hook's hat over his eyes causing the captain to stumble backwards accidentally stepping on the Crocodile's tail,waking the beast from his slumber who uses his tail to knock the captain off his feet and into his crew. Tick-Tock then pursues Hook and his men right out the creek into Tiki Forest. Later Tick-Tock reappears in another attempt to devour Captain Hook and his crew after they are send plummeting from the Jolly Roger into the Never Sea by Peter Pan once he regain his shadow. Hook, Smee, Sharky and Bones are last seen on top a palm tree on a spit of land watching in horror as Tick-Tock and a large float of hungry crocodiles begin to swarm around the island.

In the episode "Captain Hook is Missing!" Mr. Smee,Sharky and Bones discover that Captain Hook is not aboard the Jolly Roger. With the help from Jake and his mates, they discover Hook's footprints heading in the direction of Crocodile Creek.Hook sleepwalks across a sleeping Tick-Tock who awakes confused. Hook manages to slip away from the crocodile, leaving only his hat atop the beast's head. When Jake and crew, accompanied by Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones, arrive at the creek and spot the captain's hat atop the crocodile's head. Hook's crew feared the worst, but Skully assured everyone that Hook was safe, spotting another set of tracks on the other side of the creek but they had to get past old Tick-Tock who wasn't pleased to be disturbed from his slumber so early in the morning, which gave Izzy the idea if they all sing the crocodile a lullaby he'll go back to sleep allowing the pirates to safely pass.

In the episode "Mama Hook Knows Best!" Captain Hook's mother joins her son and his men on treasure hunt on Never Land desperate to please his mother Hook spies Jake and his crew searching for treasure and follows in hope of stealing the riches for his mother.Crocodile Creek was one of the locations both pirate crews had to venture through to reach the treasure. Jake and his crew zip line across the creek over Tick-Tock who was fast asleep to the other side of the creek to continue their search for the treasure. Meanwhile, Mama Hook,Captain Hook and the rest of the Jolly Roger crew finally reach the creek. However, Captain Hook screams in terror when he spot the crocodile awaking him yet again from his slumber. Tick-Tock chases Hook into the jungle and up a palm tree. Luckily, Mama Hook soon comes to her son's aid, shooing the crocodile away and allowing Hook and his crew to continue the treasure hunt.Tick-Tock reappears again at the end of the episode as Mama Hook's guest at the pirate tea party much to Hook's horror.

In the episode "Cubby's Pet Problem" Tick-Tock and the Orange Octopus both appear by the end of the episode attacking Hook together aboard the Jolly Roger. This episode marks their first appearance together, much to Hook's horror and humiliation.

While Tick-Tock doesn't make a physical appearance in the episode "Hooked!" he is briefly mentioned by Red Jessica when she recalls the last time she and Captain Hook saw each other he was swimming away from the crocodile much to Hook's humiliation.Hook nervously tries to play off his encounter with the crocodile as him having a bit of fun that day.

In the episode "Jake's Birthday Bash!" Izzy, Cubby, and Skully throw a birthday party for Jake with a very special birthday treasure hunt map leading various activities on Never Land. The first game was held at Tiki Forest,Hook and his crew were invited to guest for the festivities everyone with the exception of Hook was enjoying a game of pin the tail on the Tick-Tock Croc.Jake encouraged Captain Hook to join the fun, Hook reluctantly plays the game but strays to far from the Tiki Trees and pinning the real Tick-Tock who was sleeping nearby.Hook frantically flee with the enraged reptile in pursuit around the lead Tiki Tree Jake quickly ask Tiki Tree to assist the captain lifting Hook out of the hungry crocodile sight.

In the episode "Captain Who?" when Captain Hook gets a whiff of the Forget-Me Flowers, he forgets he is the captain of his crew. Sharky, Bones and Mr. Smee enlist Jake and crew to help jog his memory, so they take Hook all across Never Land, but nothing seems to work. The sea pups know that if anything can restore Hook's memory of who he, it is his fear of Tick-Tock. The crocodile pursues Hook and his crew and Jake and his. Izzy quickly uses her pixie dust to fly everyone to safety from the hungry crocodile.

In the episode "Cap'n Croak" when Bones does his magic tricks, he thinks he accidentally turned Captain Hook into a frog that is hopping across Never Land. The Jolly Roger crew run into Jake and crew who offer to help catch the frog. While on the trail of the slippery amphibian the pirates encounter the ravenous Tick-Tock, who chases them through the Never Land Jungle. Jake's crew and Hook's crew manage to climb up a tree safely out of the crocodile's reach. The crocodile reappears later in the episode after Bones accidentally wakes him just in time to chase the real Captain Hook out of Frog Hollow.

In the episode "The Golden Smee!",After Patch the Pirate Pup uncovers a golden idol resembling Mr. Smee,Jake and his crew journey to the Jolly Roger to show Mr. Smee. But as the young pirate team journey through Easy-Breezy Pathway, Jake and his crew have a bit of bad luck First, Jake stubs his toe. Then Patch is sent flying into the air. And last Easy-Breezy Pathway is anything but easy.Once at the Jolly Roger Captain Hook couldn't believe his eye that the sea pups gave him treasure.Smee informs everyone of the danger of the idol,being the curse idol of the Smees that bring misfortune to all in contact with it. However Hook doesn't take heed to Smee's warning, suddenly the Jolly Roger runs aground,sending Hook dangling over the Never Sea, suddenly Tick-Tock Croc appears attempting to devour Hook while he dangles helpless over the Never Sea. Luckily, Jake and his crew manage to pull Hook back aboard the Jolly Roger safe from the crocodile, much to Tick-Tock annoyance as he sulk as he vanishes beneath the Never Sea.Tick-Tock is later mentioned by Sharky as one of the misfortune summoned by the Golden Smee.

In the episode "Jake's Special Delivery" Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully try to deliver a package after it washed from the Never Sea. While searching for the rightful owner, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee manage to steal it but fall into Up Falls, a waterfall that flows upward where Tick-Tock is waiting for them. Hook and Smee frantically try to swim away, but the current is too strong, pushing the duo ever closer to the hungry crocodile. Fortunately for Hook and Smee, Jake and his crew manage to rescue them using a log caught in the Up Falls flow. The crocodile reappears at the end of the episode chasing Hook out of his treasure cave.

Tick-Tock reappears in the episode "Pirate-Sitting Pirates", He was fast asleep near the water's edge when Jake, Izzy and Cubby were trying to catch up to Skully who was chasing after a mischievous monkey that stole his crackers.Jake and his crew manage to past the sleeping crocodile to continue the chase. However, Captain Hook wasn't as fortunate in his hurry to reclaim his hat from the monkey. He accidentally steps on the crocodile's tail, waking the beast from his slumber with a roar and sending the captain fleeing with the crocodile in pursuit. As Tick-Tock chase after Hook, he stumbles, knocking himself, Hook, Jake, Izzy and Cubby into the Pirate Pool of Youth, transforming them all into babies.

Even in his infant state, Tick-Tock retains his craving appetite for Captain Hook as he trails behind Skully, Smee, Sharky and Bones, while they journey to Flora Forest to find the Grandfather Gladiola and return everyone back to normal. Once the pirates finally reach the Grandfather Gladiola, Captain Hook plots to return to his original age, leaving Jake and his crew as helpless infants. Luckily, both Jake and Tick-Tock intervene, saving the Grandfather Gladiola. Tick-Tock is last seen with Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Captain Hook being restored to their original ages by the Grandfather Gladiola's pollen and chases Captain Hook away from the beach.

Tick-Tock is the main focus in the episode "Tick Tock Trap", where Captain Hook hires Brewster the Beast Trapper to capture and rid Never Land of the hungry crocodile, but it's up to Jake and his buddies to convince Brewster that the croc belongs in Never Land, and that Hook is the real threat.But once the young pirates reached Crocodile Creek Brewster had already set a baited trap waiting for Tick-Tock, who was swimming back into the creek from the open Never Sea.Skully quickly set off the trap while Jake kept Tick-Tock distracted with a snack.When Brewster returned to the trap, he discovered Skully, who tried to convince Brewster that the croc isn't as bad as he seems, but this is short-lived when Tick-Tock emerges from the creek, sending Brewster fleeing into the Never Land Jungle.

Jake and friends soon set into the jungle in search for Brewster, when they come across another one of the beast trapper traps and the crocodile was once again drawn to the bait. Using a log like a catapult, Cubby is sent flying into the air. He drops a coconut into the pit trap, revealing it to Tick-Tock, much to the frustration of Brewster, who storms out, but is later sent fleeing again when the croc attempts to devour him. Brewster soon returns to Crocodile Creek, using a alarm clock to lure Tick-Tock into a cage aboard his boat. Jake and his crew finally confront Brewster, pleading with him not to take the croc away, and that Hook is only using Brewster to claim the treasure at the bottom of Crocodile Creek. Brewster was a little wary to trust the young pirates, since he was warned by Hook earlier about them. But sensing the young pirates care so deeply for wild animals, he agreed to let the crocodile go. Unknown to Brewster, Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones try to escape with Brewster's boat and the crocodile. But Brewster, with the assistance of Jake and his crew, reclaim his ship after freeing Tick-Tock. Meanwhile Captain Hook was further down stream, believing Brewster has finally rid him of the cursed crocodile. Hook discovers the golden crocodile tooth at the bottom of the Crocodile Creek but this is short-lived when Brewster captures the captain, leaving him dangling over the creek and at the mercy of Tick-Tock. When attempting to devour Hook, he rips a hole at the bottom of Hook's butterfly net-hook releasing the golden tooth back into the creek. Tick-Tock is last seen in the episode fast asleep after his many attempt to devour Captain Hook failed, giving Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones the opportunity to rescue Hook, but the croc soon wakes causing the pirates to flee in terror dropping Hook on top of the crocodile's snout who quickly flees behind his crew.As Tick-Tock chuckles at the terrified pirates it reveals the golden crocodile tooth is now safe within Tick-Tock's mouth.

Tick-Tock reappears in the episode "The Sneaky Snook-Off ",after losing the second challenge in The Sneaky Snook-Off Beatrice Le Beak was furious at Captain Hook's dirty trick as he mocks Le Beak's fear of frogs which he used to his advantage at Frog Hallow.Beatrice soon learns the perfect revenge thanks to Mr. Smee accidentally revealing Hook's fear of Tick-Tock the Crocodile. The third challenge takes place in Crocodile Cavern the lair of Tick-Tock Croc and the challenge is won by the snook who strikes the gargoyle gong first.Le Beak manage to reach the cavern first and began crossing the rope bridge to the gong she wakes Tick-Tock from his slumber.Hook soon arrives shortly as he dreaded the croc was home.Le Beak gloats assured of her victory taunts Hook due to his fear of Tick-Tock.Captain Hook cuts the rope bridge sending Beatrice plummeting into the water with the crocodile.Hook attempts to ring the gong from a far using one of his hooks but Fast Claw intervenes,forcing Hook and Smee to cross the pit with Tick-Tock distracted attempting to devour Le Beak. But as Hook and Smee attempt to past them, Le Beak leaps on Hook's shoulders leaving all three pirates at the mercy of the hungry crocodile.Fortunately Izzy manages to rescue them all using her pixie dust.With everyone safe Le Beak and Hook still desired to ring the gong but Skully manages to strike the gong first ending the Sneaky Snook-Off.Back on the Jolly Roger Hook was still sulking due to his losing the contest with Le Beak, when Mr. Smee inform him he revived a gift from Beatrice. Unknown to Hook, at the time the gift contained Tick-Tock Croc who began chasing the captain across the deck of the Jolly Roger.

Tick-Tock makes a brief appearance in the episode special "Battle for the Book". He is mentioned earlier in the episode as Wendy retells the events of Peter and Hook final showdown from the first film.Hook begs for mercy when Pan gains the upper hand. Peter then allows Hook to leave and never return. He crows, and Hook tries to lunges at him from behind. Peter manage to evade Hook's attack, while the captain falls into the Never Sea below, where the crocodile was waiting. Hook flees with the crocodile in hot pursuit. Tick-Tock is briefly mentioned again in the song Remember Peter Pan.Later after the confrontation at the Valley of Fury various pages of Wendy's storybook are scattered across Never Land.A few pages land in Crocodile Creek,as Sharky and Bones attempt to retrieve them, they are quickly scared off by Tick-Tock Croc who attempts to devour them.With Tick-Tock distracted by the pages Cubby, Skully, Michael and Nana manage to retrieve the missing pages and evade the hungry crocodile.

Tick-Tock reappears in the episode "The Golden Hook",Captain Hook finds the legendary Golden Hook, which turns anything it touches into gold.With the power of his new hook the captain is fuel by his desire to turn the very island of Never Land and its inhabits into gold even his own crew and ship with no remorse, believing them to be more valuable to him this way.Jake and his crew soon confront Hook and ask him to destroy the golden hook if he wish to return Sharky and Bones to normal.Hook scoffs at the young pirates remarks and claims that his crew are now more valuable to him as gold before fleeing into Never Land to turn the whole island into gold.During his journey Hook is confronted by his old foe Tick-Tock the Crocodile who attempts to devour him causing Hook to flee, but Hook soon relished with the power of the Golden Hook,he no longer need to fear the crocodile and turns him into gold.Jake and his crew accompanied by Mr. Smee soon spot Tick-Tock and felt sorry for his fate, leaving Izzy,Skully,Cubby and even Mr. See open to Hook's Golden Hook.Jake was left to face Hook alone but much the captain's anger and confusion his golden hook doesn't have any effect on Jake's Mighty Captain Sword. Now with the tables turned on Hook he is later turn to gold by the power of the golden hook.Jake soon destroys the golden hook by throwing it the depths of Belch Mountain reverting the spell and turning every one back to normal.Tick-Tock is last seen chasing the now powerless Captain Hook deeper into the jungle.

Tick-Tock reappears at the end of the episode "Dread the Pharaoh!". After Dread the Evil Genie is defeated by the Pirate Pharaoh and Jake and his crew.Dread and Skorpio the Scorpion are banish by the Pirate Pharaoh from the desert.As Dread ponder his next occupation being powerless again he comes across a hook like stick next to the Nile,he picks it up claiming maybe he should be a nefarious pirate leading a crew to plunder the Never Sea (mirroring Captain Hook). Dread soon regrets making light at Hook when Tick-Tock the Crocodile emerges from the Nile and attempts to eat Dread.Dread screams for Skorpio to save him, but Skorpio ignores Dread's cries and wander off leaving the ex-genie Dread fleeing in terror from the hungry the crocodile.

In the episode "Captain Hook's Crocodile Crew", After retrieving a large rock formation resembling his mother Captain Hook orders his crew to following him across the bridge.Mr. Smee warns Hook the bridge can't support the combine weight of all them and the rock,but Hook refuse to listen and send them all tumbling down into Crocodile Creek.As Hook learns that he is the lair of his most feared nemesis he wanted to get out as fast as he can but he notice that his hat is missing and demands that his crew find it.Sharky uncovers a crown that Hook wasn't impressed by, until Bones revealed that the crown is the legendary Crocodile Crown said to make its wearer king of the crocodiles.Hook refused to believe just by wearing the crown will give him control over those ravenous reptiles.Suddenly Tick-Tock Croc emerges from the creek with two other crocodiles attempting devour Hook and his crew.However before the croc's could take a bite they freeze after spotting the Crocodile Crown on top of Hook's head much to Hook's surprise.Captain Hook couldn't believe his eyes and ordered the crocodiles to preform various tricks which they all did successfully.Marveling a the sight of the crocs following his commands without any back talk and there combined might he felt that he didn't need Smee,Sharky and Bones any longer and soon turned the crocodiles upon his old crew.Later Hook is seen upon a throne constructed by the crocodiles as he amuses himself making Tick-Tock juggle for him.Smee,Sharky and Bones soon returned with Jake who tries to reason with Hook warning him the danger that Tick-Tock and the other crocodiles are only serving him do to the power of the crown and are dangerous.Hook refuses to listen and order the crocodiles to upon them once more leading into a wooden cage locking them up.Hook soon gloats and informs the pirates with the combine might of his new subjects he will now attempt to retrieve the most dangerous treasure on the island the treasure of Captain Catastrophe.Hook accompanied by crocodiles enter the booby-trap canyon of Captain Catastrophe not even trying to avoid the traps as he press forward as Tick-Tock and the crocodiles protect him until he reached the X that marks the spot.Hook soon orders the crocodiles dig up the treasure.Suddenly one of the trap crossbows shoot the Crocodile Crown off Hook's head freeing Tick-Tock and the crocodiles from Hook's control leaving Hook at the mercy of the hungry crocs as he flees Hook's set more of the traps off.With the dangers of the various traps going off around them Tick-Tock and the crocodiles give up the chase and flee to safety.Hook pleads for them not to abandon him and rescue him but Tick-Tock merely mocks Hook before leaving with the rest of the crocs.Tick-Tock Croc is last seen at the end of the episode back in Crocodile Creek wearing the golden Crocodile Crown as the other crocs fan and juggle for him.

Tick-Tock Croc makes a brief appearance at the end of the episode "The Legion of Pirate Villains!," during the end credits it is revealed that the Grim Buccaneer,Doctor Undergear and ShiverJack are left on a little raft in the middle of the Never Sea after there defeat at the hand of Jake, his crew and Captain Colossus. As the villain sulk they are soon startled by Tick-Tock who emerges from sea.The villains flee with the crocodile in hot pursuit.

While Tick-Tock doesn't make a physical appearance in the episode "March Of The Lava Monsters." He is briefly mentioned by Skully comparing Chief Molta and the Lava Monsters fear of water to Captain Hook's fear of the crocodile.

Tick-Tock reappears in the "Tales of Captain Buzzard,"he is featured in Captain Buzzard 's story of the swashbuckling heroes called The Three Buccaneers portrayed by Jake and his crew.As Jake and his crew flee from Count Hook they come across multiple door as they try to find a exit, Tick-Tock emerges out of one of the doors attempting to eat the young pirates before Jake quickly closes it.Later Count Hook threatens to feed his good brother to the hungry crocodile until Jake and his crew intervene.Tick-Tock is last seen at the end of The Three Buccaneers story With the good brother back in power he locks his evil twin away in the dungeon as he flees in terror as the hungry crocodile chases him around the cell.

Tick-Tock Croc makes a brief appearance at the end of the episode "Captain Jake's Pirate Power Crew!",After Jake and his crew recover the Pirate Power Bandana from King Zongo and his minions. Skully suggest they head to Mire Pit to release Captain Hook and his crew from the muck.But Smee,Sharky and Bones soon rush out from the brush to inform the young crew they manage to get of the pit and thank them for recovering the Zebra Bananas for Captain Hook.Jake and friends were a tad puzzled how Hook's crew got of Mire Pit,Smee and Bones claim they were motivated by a "old friend" Hook is soon seen fleeing in terror as he emerges from the jungle with Tick-Tock the Crocodile in hot pursuit.Tick-Tock soon chases Hook, his crew, King Zongo and the Monkey Pirates across the beach.


Playing with Skully

Tick-Tock Croc makes a brief appearance in the spin-off intro.Tick-Tock makes another appearance in the series in the episode "Pulley Hook",after Skully and the viewers help Captain Hook figure out which hook he should use to slide down the rope to the island to claim his treasure, Tick-Tock leaps out of the water in another attempt to devour Hook but he can't reach, allowing the captain to safely reach the treasure.

Jake's Never Land Pirate School

Tick-Tock only appeared in the episode "Tic Toc Croc!", Jake shows the viewers various ways to get pass the hungry crocodile.Later during the short Captain Hook displays the wrong means dealing with Tick-Tock and later seen being chased by the ravenous reptile at the end of the short.

Mama Hook Knows Best!(short)

Tick-Tock appears at the beginning of the short chasing Captain Hook as Mama Hook tries to explain to her son that he merely needs to show the beast who boss as she shoos the crocodile away.

Jake's Buccaneer Blast

Hook Smee &Tick Tock Croc-The Treasure of Belch Mountain

Tick-Tock with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee in Jake's Buccaneer Blast.

Tick-Tock reappears in the Lego Duplo spin-off.In the first episode "The Golden Pyramid", Captain Hook and Mr. Smee over hear Jake and his crew on the search for the golden pyramid. Hook order Mr. Smee to build him a sail wagon so he can reach the pyramid first.As Smee finish constructing Hook's sail wagon Tick-Tock energies out of the near by oasis and tries to devour the captain but misses as Hook leaps into his sail wagon and pursues Jake and his crew for the pyramid unaware of Tick-Tock present.

Tick-Tock reappears at the end of the episode "The Treasure of Belch Mountain",after Captain Hook and Mr. Smee fail to keep the Pirate Pieces of Belch Mountain and the lava from the volcano destroys the propeller of Captain Hook's Whirly-Hook sending both Hook and Smee plummeting onto the back of the crocodile who quickly chases the villainous duo away.

Tick-Tock reappears at the end of the episode "Hideout Hijinks!",After Captain Hook fails to capture the magical Pirate Piece of Pirate Island and is cast out of Jake's hideout.Hook lands in the waiting arms of the hungry crocodile who quickly send the captain fleeing into the open Never Sea.

Tick-Tock reappears at the end of the episode "The Never Land Jungle Speedway",after Jake beats Captain Hook in a sail wagon race across Never Land.Jake manage to claim the Pirate Piece of the golden trophy leaving Hook and Smee dangling over a cliff when the captain refuses Jake's help.Hook manage to pull himself up using the crocodile's tail he mistakes for a low hanging log or vine.Hook quickly flees in terror with Tick-Tock in pursuit deep into the Never Land Jungle.

Tick-Tock reappears at the end of the episode"The Never Land Pirate Pieces of Eight",after Captain Hook and Mr. Smee land in a pile of gold doubloons raining from atop of Buccaneer Mountain.Hook was overjoyed as he tried scooping the large hoard of riches up the pile beneath started rustling revealing the hungry crocodile who quickly send both Hook and Smee fleeing in terror with Tick-Tock in pursuit.

Printed material

HookSmee&Tick-Tock-Save Me Smee

Tick-Tock with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee in Save Me, Smee!

In the book X Marks the Croc,After Captain Hook attempts to steal Peter Pan's map-in-a-bottle, the bottle ends up in the Tick-Tock Croc's belly! It's up to Jake and his crew to shake things up a bit as they try to get the Croc to laugh, sneeze, and even burp up the bottle.

In the book The Croc Takes the Cake. It's Captain Hook's birthday, but poor Hook has never had a birthday cake! When Hook sees Jake hoisting a big box onto his ship, he decides he must have whatever is in the box, no matter what.But during his attempt to swipe the cake it is soon consumed by Tick-Tock Croc when it falls into the Never Sea.

Tick-Tock reappears in the storybook adaption of Birthday Bash. While Jake and his friends enjoy a game of pin the tail on the Tick-Tock Croc in Tiki Forest. During Captain Hook's turn he wonder off the trail accidentally pinning the tail on the real crocodile sleeping near by.Tick-Tock enraged pursues Hook around the forest until Jake ask the Tiki Trees to help Hook by lifting up out of the crocodile's reach.

In the book After a While, Crocodile,Captain Hook was determined to find some treasure while rummaging around his ship his locates a map leading to Crocodile Creek.Hook dreaded the very idea of entering the lair of that scaly scoundrel Tick-Tock Croc but couldn't pass a chance of claiming the treasure for himself.

In the storybook Save Me, Smee! Captain Hook finds a treasure map that leads him into the most perilous places in all of Never Land. During his search for treasure Hook's teddy bear Captain Cuddly falls overboard into the Never Sea.Quickly Hook leaps in after it only to see his carious childhood toy in the clutches of his most feared enemy Tick-Tock Croc.

In the storybook Mama Hook Knows Best: A Pirate Parent's Favorite Fables, Mama Hook reminisces about her sons various experiences tracking treasure, resulting in his down falls being chased by Tick-Tock Croc in three of the stories.

In the storybook adaption of Battle for the Book. As Jake and his comrades try to collect the scattered pages of Wendy's Book from the various sections of Never Land.Cubby and Michael retrieves some pages from Crocodile Creek while evading Tick-Tock Croc.

Video games


Tick-Tock in "Ready,Set,Hook"

The crocodile has made a few appearances in the video game in the series.

In the online game "Ready,Set,Hook" the croc makes a brief cameo after the time runs out on the various events.In the online game "Never Land Games". Tick-Tock appears multiple times as a hazard during the during the Shipwreck Beach raft race segment between Izzy and Captain Hook.

In the online game "Jake's Skate Escape". Jake and his crew most ride the skateboard through Never Land's various obstacles and safe aboard Bucky before Captain Hook catches them.During the final phase Jake and his crew had to venture through a swamp where they had to avoid the snapping jaws of the crocodile who appears multiple times as a obstacle.

In the online game "Hook Yer Pirate Name", choosing from the various characters and objects from Hook's ship to the shores of Never Land Captain Hook will give the player there own pirate name.If the crocodile is chosen Hook will comment the player is crazy.

In the online game "Puttin' Pirates". Hook can be heard mentioning the crocodile during the rolling coconuts course.Tick-Tock Croc makes a cameo as a ticking hazardous hole that the player must time carefully to get there golf ball into the croc snapping jaws.Captain Hook can be heard off screen terrified of the hole.

Tick-Tock appears multiple times in the "Jake's Never Land Pirate School App." He can be seen during the games loading phase.In the Sailing Class segment Tick-Tock reappears in the Crocodile Creek level as a obstacle Bucky and Jake sail around as they collect barrel.Tick-Tock reappears a in the Map & Spyglass class segment.The player can learn how to navigate Never Land with Cubby and then use the spyglass to find exciting treasures with Jake.

Tick-Tock appear as one of the various stage hazards swimming within the Never Sea that Bucky must steer away from in the online game "Journey Beyond the Never Seas" during the Treacherous Sea segment.The Crocodile also reappears as one of the rewards that can randomly be won from the treasure chest at the end of each game.

Theme parks and other live appearances

Disney Junior - Live on Stage!

Disney-Junior-Live-Pirate-and-Princess-Adventure-Tick Tock croc

Tick-Tock Croc in Disney Junior Live-Pirate & Princess Adventure Tour.

Although Tick-Tock doesn't make a physical appearance in the live musical stage show at Disney California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios, he is mentioned.In the show, Captain Hook steals the Team Treasure Chest, so Jake and the crew hurry to get it back. At the climax, Hook refuses to give up the chest, but Skully reminds everyone that only the Tick-Tock Croc can scare Hook, thus giving Jake the idea to mimic the croc's tick-tocking noise.

Disney Junior Live-Pirate & Princess Adventure Tour

Tick-Tock appears in the live swashbuckling musical adventure. After confining Jake in the Jolly Roger's crows nest Hook soon hears the ominous ticking of the crocodile's approaching the ship.The captain panics about the deck of his ship as he flees to Mr. Smee to save him, however unaware of Hook rushing to him Smee accidentally knocks Captain Hook out cold as he open the door to Hook's cabin.Smee presumed Hook was taking a nap and with of Sharky and Bones make him more comfortable while unaware of Tick-Tock passing by the Jolly Roger.

Later Captain Hook and crew continue the search for the treasure but the captain soon becomes frustrated the volcano hasn't revealed itself or the treasure to him. Hook soon hear the ominous ticking and Tick-Tock Croc emerges out of the brush chasing the captain across the stage.Jake and his crew soon arrived to see Hook in trouble,Izzy used her pixie dust allowing Jake to save the captain from the hungry crocodile.

Episode Appearances


TickTock-Cookin' With Hook!

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  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates is notably the first and currently only Disney animated canon to referred to Tick-Tock by name.
  • Tick-Tock and the Octopus both attack Hook together in episode "Cubby's Pet Problem". This episode marks their first appearance together, later followed by a brief cameo in the episode "Jake's Royal Rescue".

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