The Three Bears are minor characters from the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They are a family of anthropomorphic bears living in a house on Never Land.

Roles in the series

The Three Bears first appeared in the episode "Little Red Riding Hook!", Jake and his crew join Patch the Pirate Pup on the beach as the rambunctious pup finds many treasures and puts them in the basket, he soon forgets to take them with him when he hears the Pirate Pups calling for him.Izzy decides to deliver Patch's basket of treasure to him. Unaware that Captain Hook desires the basket of treasure for himself and steal it from Izzy.As Hook and Mr. Smee try to evade Jake and his crew they take refuge in the home of the Three Bears. Jake and his crew soon follow Hook and Smee inside the bears home. While Hook and Smee try hiding from the young pirate crew inside the bear's bed. Jake notices the picture of the bears and gets the idea if he imitates the sound of the growling bears to force Hook and Smee out of hiding. The sea pups plan work as Hook and Smee flee from the bears home with Patch's treasure with Jake and his mateys in pursuit.

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  • While imitating the bears Jake, Izzy, and Cubby make references to Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Jake makes a reference to the bowls of porridge, Izzy the broken chair and finally Cubby reference who's been sleeping in my bed.

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