The Tale of Ratsputin title card Jake: The Tale of Ratsputin


Skully: Gather 'round, me hearties.It's the perfect night for tellin' spooky stories.

Cubby:Do they have to be spooky?

Skully:The spookier, the better.[cackles]

Marina: Mateys. Help.

Jake:Marina. Stormy. Are you OK?

'Marina:No. We were swimming past that old shipwreck when something horrible crawled out of it.It was big as a walrus, with a pointy nose and a long tail.

Stormy:a And it went: [Makes snarling sounds] That does sound scary.

I've heard an old legend about something like that.

A long time ago, sailors found a giant bilge rat hiding on their ship.

It scared them, so they jumped overboard and their ship crashed.

Cubby:[stammers] Coconuts!

Some say that the rat still lives in the shipwreck.

And the giant rat is called Ratsputin.

- [gasps] - Eww! We saw Ratsputin.

I'm never coming near here again.

Terrible tides!

Marina:We can't be sure you really saw a giant rat.

Jake:But my mateys and I will find out what scared you. Come on, let's go see if the legend of Ratsputin is true.Remember to keep a lookout for gold doubloons.

Skully:Is everybody ready?

Jake:I got my sword!

Cubby: I got my...Are you sure you wanna go looking for a...[stutters] big rat?

Jake/Izzy/Skully: Yes!

Cubby: Then I got my map.

Izzy:And I've got my pixie dust.

'Stormy:Thanks, mateys. Be careful.

'Marina: Good luck.

Song: Yo Ho Mateys Away:

Yo-ho, mateys, away

There'll be treasure and adventure today
Let's go!
Heave-ho, here we go
Together as a team
Jake and the Never Land pirates...
And me

'Cubby: Well, nothin' here but ol' junk.Marina and Stormy were probably just seein' things.Let's go back.

[soft thudding]

'Jake:Shh. Listen. What's that?

Skully: Sounds like fat rat footsteps!

Cubby: B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-big ones.

Jake: Cubby, we got nothing to to be scared of. As long as we stick... (bats fly by)


Brewster: Good day, good day. Long time, no see.

Jake: Brewster? What are you doing here?

Brewster: Why, lookin' for Ratsputin, of course.

Jake/Cubby/Izzy: Us too!

Brewster: Fancy that! You know, Ratsputin is the one Never Land critter I've never seen. I heard he was around here. And bein' an authority on animals, I'm not gonna miss my chance to catch a glimpse of it!

Skully: Had any luck?

Brewster: Nope. But I was about to build a trap! I won't hurt the creature, but it will give us a chance to get a good long look at it.

Izzy: Great. Then, we can decide what to do to keep everybody safe.

Jake: We'll help you build a trap, Brewster!

Brewster: Hahaha! Thanks for your help, mates!

(the scene cuts to everyone struggling to set up the trap)

Brewster: That's high enough, mates! Yup! Tie it up.

Skully: Cool dummy. What's it for?

Brewster: 'Ey. In the dark, Ratsputin will think he's a real live pirate. So when that big old rat sneaks to scare 'im, the cage will drop and we'll have 'im!

Jake: Awesome? What do we do now?

Brewster: Oh, we hide. And wait for Ratsputin to take the bait. Let's scramble!

Jake: (behind box) Quiet's the word, mateys. And keep a sharp eye out!

(dummy falls)

Brewster: Jack rabbit! A trap's not good without bait!

Jake: Cubby! You are the closest! Can you put the dummy back up?

Cubby: (nervously) Me? Aw, coconuts.

(a strange sound is heard)

Brewster: Somethin's comin'. Hide!

(Cubby hides under the blanket)

Cubby: Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-Raaatsputin!

Brewster: Now!

(Jake cuts the rope, but the dummy ends up inside the cage, "Ratsputin" gets away)

Skully: Crackers! We'll never catch 'im now!

Cubby: D-d-did you see that? That thing almost stepped on me! (notices something) E-ew! The trap got its tail!

Jake: (picks up tail) Hey! This isn't a real tail! It's a piece of rope! It's part of a costume!

Izzy: That rat was someone in disguise? Who would do such a sneaky thing?!

Skully: I bet my peek the rat is Captain Hook!

Brewster: Maybe, maybe not. But whoever it was made a mess of tracks.Come on.

Skully:Look alive. Something's going on dead ahead.

Jake: Check it out. it's Captain Hook. He's got Sharky and Bones digging.If Hook is looking for treasure, he can't be pretending to be a big rat.

Brewster:You're right, he can't.'Cause take a gander.

There's the big phony rat now.

Jake: He's gonna sneak up on hook and scare him.

Brewster:We've gotta stop him.

Izzy:Sounds like an emergency.

Jake:Brewster. Do you have a net with you?

Brewster:Wouldn't be much of a beast trapper if I didn't.Then let's go net that rat.

Izzy:Pixie dust away!

Brewster:Heads up, ya bogus beast.

[frightened snarl] [man grunting]

Now let's see who's under all this.

All:[gasps] Mr. Smee?

Smee:[nervous chuckle] Why thank you, Jake.[coughs] Oh dear. Ah! That mask, it was a bit too tight it was.

Izzy:Mr. Smee. Why are you dressed up like that?

Smee:Oh, it's all Cap'n Hook's idea.

Skully: I knew it. What's the ol' snook up to this time?

Smee:Well, he's looking for a treasure called "The Great Gobs of Gold".So he's using the legend of Ratsputin to scare folks away from here.

Brewster:[groans] Treasure or no treasure, Hook shouldn't be givin' animals a bad name by scarin' folks.

Jake:Right, Brewster.Let's go pay the Captain a visit so you can tell him yourself.

Hook:Faster. Put your backs into it.

[Bones and Sharky grunting]

Bones:Whew! That be a heavy one, that.

Hook:Of course it is, you ninny.It's a fabulous treasure and it's mine, all mine.

Jake: Captain hook? We have something else of yours.

Smee:[grunting] Oh, sorry, Cap'n, but the sea pups have figured out that Ratsputin is only me.

Hook:Oh, none of that matters now.I've found the Great Gobs of Gold and I'm rich, rich, rich!

[shovel clanks] [grunting]

Izzy:You didn't have to scare anyone, Hook.Nobody wants your ol' treasure.

Hook:Good. Because nobody else can have a single bit of it.

[continues grunting]

Hook: A-ha! Finally. What? Huh?

Skully: Crackers! It's cheese.

Hook:[sniffs] Ugh.Who in blasted blazes would bury a chest full of cheese?

[animal squeaking]

Hook: Hmm?

Smee: Oh, dear!It's the real Ratsputin.Run!

[all shouting]


[kids shouting]

Cubby: Whoa!Hey, guys, come back!

[all panting]

Jake:Is everybody OK?

Izzy: Yep.

Skully: Aye.

Jake:No worries here. But where's Cubby?

[thudding footsteps]

Cubby: [stammering] Ratsputin!

[mouse squeaks]

Cubby: Ratsputin?[giggling] You're a mouse.

Jake/Izzy/Skully: Cubby?

Cubby: Oh, hi mateys. Is everything OK? I want you to meet Ratsputin. The real one.

[cheerful squeak]

Cubby:He's just a little guy.But he's got a big appetite.

Brewster:Well, g'day there, Ratsputin.After years of lookin' for ya, it's good to finally meet ya.

[friendly squeak]

Brewster:Ah, little fella, I have a feeling you and I are gonna be the best of mates.


Brewster:[laughs] Don't mind if I do.Mmm! Gorgonzola!

[all laughing]

Jake:Way-hey.For finding out the truth about Ratsputin we got ten gold doubloons.

Cubby:Let's grab 'em and go tell Marina and Stormy that there's no reason to be afraid.

Jake:Mateys, thanks for helping solve the mystery of Ratsputin.Now let's put all our gold doubloons into our team treasure chest.

Song: Team Treasure Chest Song:

Way-hey, well done, crew
Everyone knew just what to do
Way-hey, with help from you
It's time to count our gold doubloons

Jake: Come on, count with us!

All: Yeah!

Jake: One, two, three,

Izzy: four, five, six, seven,

Cubby: eight, nine, ten!

Jake:Yo-ho, today we got ten gold doubloons!

Cubby:And Ratsputin gave us cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

Skully:Good, 'cause I've got lots and lots of crackers to put it on.


Hook: Mr. Smee, I don't think I shall ever recover.[shudders] There could be nothing more frightening than the sight of that approaching rat.

Tick-Tock Croc: Ha-ha!

Hook: Except him. Ahh! Save me!

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