The Sky's the limit titlecard Jake: The Sky's the Limit! [Announcing title]


[The Jolly Roger on the windy Never Sea]

Hook: Whoa! [Grunts as he comes out of his cabin] Ah! [A palm leaf hits his face] Pee-yew! [Takes a pirate sock off his face] Mr. Smee! [Smee's cap hits his face] What in the Seven Seas is going on out here?

Smee: Why, it's a windy day, captain! Great for sailing, not so great for avoiding flying objects [Takes back his cap] Duck!

Hook: Oof! [A duck hits Hook's face, grabs and release him] Bah! This windy day, as you call it is no fun, Smee, no fun at all! [Points to the sky] What's this...?! What are those flying things? [Both of them pull out telescopes to look] Look there, Smee. Up in the sky!

Smee: Those are kites, captain. [Sees 4 kites through the lens] Toys on strings that dance in the wind.

Hook: You mean, they make a windy day... fun?

Smee: [Laughs] Aye, captain. That they do!

Hook: Smee, set sail. Follow those strings. I want those flying things!

Smee: Aye, aye, captain. [Turns the wheel]

[Scene changes to flying kites, being flew by Jake and his crew on Pirate Island]

Jake: Look! My sword kite is slicing through the sky!

Izzy: Check out my fairy kite, flying through the air with no pixie dust at all!

Cubby: I'm following my map of Never Land to fun, fun, fun!

Skully: And Skully fly a cracker!

[Hook and Smee sneaks up to them through the rocks and bushes]

Hook: Ha-ha! No more windy day fun for you! It'll all be mine now! [Hooks the kites' strings out of their hands]

Skully: The kites!

Cubby: Hey! Those belong to us!

Hook: Correction! [Holding the kites as Smee rows them away] They did belong to you! You were right about one thing, though. They are fun. [Laughs] Oh, it's good to be bad.

[Kites dance in sky as song starts]

Sharky & Bones: Be the captain and crew of a ship on a string, [Singing on a light buoy]

Away me kite,

Fly me away,

You can sail through the clouds above everything,

Away me kite,

Fly me away,

Fly a kite, Go fly a kite... [Hook's hook pops off with the kites; Song ends]

Hook: [Stammering] Blast! [Kites fly away]

Smee: Perhaps it's not so good to be bad.

Hook: Just go after them, Smee! [Puts on a paddle hook to row]

Smee: Aye, captain. [Salute then rows the dinghy with Hook]

[Scene changes back to Pirate Island Beach]

Jake: Look! They flying things are flying away!

Cubby: Ah, coconuts!

Izzy: Now, our kites are really gone!

Skully: Gone with the wind!

Jake: Never fear, crew, we'll get 'em back. [To his crew] Will help us get our kites back? [To the audience] Great! Remember to keep a lookout for gold doubloons, mateys! Whenever we solve a pirate problem together, they'll appear. Then we'll collect 'em and put 'em in our team treasure chest.

Skully: Is everybody ready?

Jake: I got my sword!

Cubby: I got my map!

Izzy: And I got my pixie dust! The fairies gave it to me so that we can use it to fly, but only in emergencies.

Jake: Yo-ho, let's go!

[Scene changes to them sailing Bucky out of its ghetto to sea; Song starts]

Yo-ho, mateys, away,

There'll be treasure and adventure today,

Let's go,

Heave-ho, here we go,

Together as a team,

Jake and the Never Land Pirates and me. [Song ends]

Izzy: Jake! Skully! Do you see our kites?

Jake: Haven't seen 'em yet! This wind is blowing so much stuff around! Our kites could be anywhere in that clutter![Up in crow's nest, looking with a telescope] Mateys, we need your help! Let's all look through my spyglass and try to spot our kites. [To the audience]

Skully: All eyes on deck!

Jake: If you see the kites, shout, "Kites ho!" [Through the telescope] Remember, if you spot 'em, shout, "Kites ho!" [Kites appears; Bucky's bell dings] Kites ho! We found the kites! [To Izzy and Cubby]

Izzy & Cubby: Awesome!

Jake: Look, Skully! We found our fly-away kites and we got three gold doubloons!

Skully: Let's grab 'em and go! [Jake grabs doubloons]

Izzy: Which way are the kites heading?

Jake: [Through telescope] Uh-oh! Looks like our kites got snagged on a tree on Never Peak Mountain! Bucky, set a course for Never Land! [Bucky's bell dings]

Izzy & Cubby: Way-hey!

[Bucky sails towards Never Land with Hook and Smee following behind]

Hook: Faster, Smee, faster!

[Scene changes to Never Land Forest]

Jake: Come on, crew.

Cubby: Watch out, Jake! [Pulls Jake away from ledge over tar pit]

Jake: Whoa! Thanks, Cubby!

Cubby: That was close! You almost fell into that stinky tar pit!

Izzy: Pee-yew! Stinky is right!

Cubby: How are we gonna get across

Izzy: Look! An old log over the pit! [Points to a log] If we're careful, we can walk across it like a bridge.

Skully: Good thinking, Izzy!

Jake: Let's use the log to get across! [To the audience] Hold your arms out for balance and put one foot in front of the other! Like this! [Demonstrates]

Izzy: Follow us, mateys! Arms out for balance. One foot in front of the other. [Whole crew gets across]

Cubby: We made it across the tar pit! And we got three gold doubloons! [Grabs doubloons] Let's grab 'em and go get our kites! [Runs with crew ahead]

Hook: [Gasping] What's that horrible smell?

Smee: The tar pit, captain. 'Tis blocking our way.

Hook: Nonsense, Smee! There's got to be a way across! [Spots the log] A-ha! That log is as wide and sturdy as a bridge. Why, I can practically waltz across! [Heads to the log] Like so! [Humming while "waltzing" across] Whoa! [Falls over into the pit] I meant to do that.

[Scene changes to Never Peak Mountain]

Skully: Kites ahoy!

Jake: Well done, crew! But how to get them down...

Izzy: Easy! I'll just shimmy up the palm tree and grab 'em! Hup! [Grabs the palm tree with the kites] Got 'em! [Grabs Hook's hook holding the kite strings]

Jake, Skully & Cubby: Yo-ho, way to go!

Izzy: Uh-oh! [The wind blows Izzy off the trunk, grabs a leaf]

Jake: Hang in there, Iz!

Izzy: I'm not goin' anywhere! And neither are these kites!

Jake: We need all hands on deck. [To the audience] Let's help grab Izzy before she flies away! Everyone, reach out your arms! [Climbs rock and catches Izzy] Got her! [Cubby grabs Jake]

Everyone: Look out!

Skully: Gotcha! [Grabs Cubby and pulls everyone back to the ground]

Jake: We did it! Izzy's back on solid ground!

Izzy: With our kites! [Kites land around her] And we got three gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go! [Grabs doubloons] Thanks, mates, for helping save me and the kites.

Skully: Crackers! Captain Hook! [Points out Hook and Smee down the path]

Izzy: Yay-hey, no way! We have to find some other way out of here!

Cubby: How about using some pixie dust to fly away?

Jake: We could, or we could fly without pixie dust.

Cubby: Huh?

Jake: Our kites could carry us. They almost pulled Izzy into the air. Maybe they can do the same for all of us! Come on, crew, let's all use vines to tie our kites into one big hang-glider. [To audience, holding vines]

Izzy: Then fly off and get away from Captain Hook!

Skully & Cubby: Yo-ho, let's go, go, go!

[The crew gather and assemble materials and their kites together to make a hang-glider]

Jake: Check out the Never Land Pirate Hang-Glider!

Skully: It's a beauty!

Cubby: Oh, no! Hook and Smee are closing in!

Jake: Helmets on! [Puts on a helmet] The next flight to Pirate Island is about to take off! Jump on, mateys!

Hook: Stop, you scurvy sea-pups! I want those flying things!

Jake: Sorry, Captain Hook! Our hang-glider only has room for me and my crew! [Glider lifts off]

Everyone: Yeah! [Cubby still on ground]

Izzy: Your turn, Cubby!

Skully: Whoo-hoo! [Lifts and throws Cubby onto glider's seat with Jake and Izzy]

Cubby: Way-hey! I made it!

Jake: Come on, everybody! Reach out, and hang onto the glider with us! [To audience] Glider... away! [Crew cheers as they glide away]

Hook: Get back her with those flying things! I want this windy day to be fun! [Glider turns around towards him and Smee]

Smee: The glider, it's... coming back!

Hook: They're coming for us! [Spooked] Watch out, Smee! Hit the deck! [Duck down to dodge the glider]

Izzy: Hey, Captain Hook, I think this belongs to you! [Throws Hook's hook to him]

Smee: My goodness! That was ever so nice of them!

Hook: Whose side are you on, Smee?!

[Scene changes to Pirate Island Beach; crew lands safely on the sand]

Cubby: Perfect landing!

Izzy: On a perfect windy day!

Jake: Now, let's put all the gold doubloons we found into our team treasure chest. [To audience, removing helmet]

[Skully switches shovel to reveal their team treasure chest as the crew marches around it; Starts song]

Way-hey, well done crew,

Everyone knew just what to do,

Way-hey, with help from you,

it's time to count our gold doubloons [Song ends]

Jake: Come on, count with us!

Everyone: Yeah! [Throws doubloons over top the chest]

Jake: One, two, three...

Cubby: Four, five, six...

Izzy: Seven, eight, nine.

Jake: Yo-ho! For solving pirate problems today, we got nine gold doubloons! [Doubloons drop into chest]

Izzy: Hey, there's still plenty of wind left. I've got an idea how to make a windy day even more fun.

[Scene changes to hang-glider with crew around it]

Izzy: Check it out, mateys! I've attached my camera to a kite. [Throws kite-camera up] Now, we can get fun pictures of ourselves hang-gliding.

Jake & Cubby: All right!

Skully: Stupendous!

[Snapshots of crew on the beach and hang-gliding]

Jake: Thanks for helping us make the best of a windy day! [To audience] May the wind fill your sails, and your kites!

Hook: Out of my way, scallywags! [Swoops by on a hang-glider of his own] I built me own flying thing out of sticks, leaves and tar! You see, I, too, can make a windy day fun.

Smee: Duck! [Points to the sky from the dinghy below]

[A duck crashes into Hook, demolishing his glider]

Hook: Bilge rats. [Annoyed, pummels to the water beside Smee's dinghy]

Smee: Well? Did you have fun, captain?

Hook: Arrrr! [Grumbles]

[The duck lands beside them, quacking in a laughing tone]

[Episode ends]

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