The Seaweed Crown
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Other Names
User Marina, Izzy
Purpose Awarded to the mermaid that has shown the most spirit
Location Hidden Cove (originally)
Pirate Island
Final State Presumed to still be on Pirate Island.
The Seaweed Crown is a crown that is made of seaweed. It was awarded to Izzy form Marina, Stormy, and the mermaids when she became an honorary mermaid.

Role in the series

The Seaweed Crown first appeared in the episode "Treasure of the Tides". After Izzy and the mermaids thwarted Captain Hook and Mr. Smee from stealing the Mermaid Queen's throne the mermaids could safely proceed with the ceremony. It was decided that Izzy would be crowned queen and made an honorary mermaid for actions during the course of the adventure. Later that night took part in the celebration and the crowning Izzy "Mermaid of the Year". After returning to Pirate Island Izzy can still be seen wearing the crown as she and the rest of her mateys place the gold doubloons they've collected in there adventure into the Team Treasure Chest. At the end of the episode, Izzy later revealed that the mermaids also made a pair of similar-looking crowns for Jake and Cubby as thanks for there help.

Printed material

The Seaweed Crown appears in the book "Treasure of the Tides", based on the episode of the same name. Izzy joins Marina and the other mermaids at Hidden Cove for the Treasure of the Tides ceremony. But that sneaky snook Captain Hook has his eye on the mermaids' treasure.


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