The Sea Ghoul -Escape from Ghost Island
The Spirit of the Seas
First appearance "Escape from Ghost Island"
Latest appearance
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Maximum speed
Crew Captain Wraith (captain)

Various evil spirits

Fate Vanishes after Wraith's defeat

The Sea Ghoul is the infamous ghost ship of the late wicked pirate Captain Wraith.


Many pirates who sail the Never Sea have heard various tales of the legendary ghost vessel that harbors Captain Wraith, who was feared for his wicked ways. As the scourge of the Never Seas his ruthless and malicious knew no limits even when he passed by unknown means, his restless evil spirit ended up on Ghost Island which only appears at night on Never Land.

Roles in the series

The Sea Ghoul first appeared in the episode "Escape from Ghost Island". After discovering the ghostly treasure of Ghost Island turned Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and Jake into ghosts. As a part of Wraith's plot to have a ghostly crew of his own to pillages the inhabitants of Never Land. Jake and Hook's crew decide to join forces to stop Wraith's nefarious plot by returning back to their ships before the sunrise. At the end of the episode Captain Wraith is tricked into saving his treasure and ends up being sucked into the vortex leading to Never-Nether Land. The Sea Ghoul vanish after Captain Wraith's defeat.


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