Captain Cuddly Bear&S.S Binky-Hook's Treasure Nap
The S.S Binky
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Background information
Other Names
User Captain Hook
Purpose Captain Hook's carious childhood possession
Location Hidden on Never Land (originally)
The Jolly Roger
Final State With the combined effort of Jake and Hook's crew the S.S Binky is found and return to Captain Hook.
The S.S. Binky, what a glorious ship it was.I gave it to me Captain Cuddly Bear. We had such fun sailing.
―Captain Hook

The S.S Binky is Captain Hook's beloved toy ship he had since he was a child.


One day I hid that ship deep in Never Land to keep it safe.But over the years I forgot where I buried it, until I had a dream last night, and I remembered. But alas, when I woke up, I'd forgotten me dream.
―Captain Hook

The S.S Binky is one of Captain Hook's carious childhood possession that he kept into his adulthood.Sometime through the course of the series Hook decide it would be safer to keep his childhood treasure safe on Never Land rather then abroad the Jolly Roger. But over the years on the island, Hook forgot where he buried it.To make matters worse for Hook, he is constantly haunted by recurring dreams of his toy ship and where to find it but when is awakes he has no recollection where to search for his treasure.

Role in the series

The S.S Binky first appeared in the episode "Hook's Treasure Nap", Hook was distraught he couldn't recall were he buried Caption Cuddly Bear's toy ship, the S.S Binky his childhood toy.Mr. Smee asks Jake and his crew to help Hook locate his toy ship.Captain Hook can only remember the way to the S.S Binky when he's asleep.So as Jake and the pirates journey through Never Land listening carefully to a sleeping Hook's directions.Soon with the help of Jake and his crew Hook uncovers his childhood toy.The S.S Binky is last seen at the end of the episode back on the Jolly Roger Captain Hook was enjoying playing with both the S.S Binky and Caption Cuddly Bear when the Jolly Roger hits a rock and starts to sink forcing Hook and his crew to abandon ship aboard the S.S Binky.


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