To see the Never Bloom, the rarest flower in Never Land, follow this compass. When you hear the chimes, you'd better get goin', 'cause the Never Bloom only blooms once every hundred years. And that's today!

The Never Bloom is a minor character from Disney Junior's television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. She is a rare anthropomorphic singing flower that only blooms once every hundred years hidden somewhere on Never Land. She is voiced by Russi Taylor.



Sometime before setting off to explore the lands beyond the Never Sea, Peter Pan discover the Never Bloom and wish to share her lovely song with Jake and his crew.


The Never Bloom was shown to be very lively and energetic after her hundred year slumber.She would sing and dance about Jake and his crew in her musical number.She was also very pleased when they joined her in her song and dance, thanking them before returning to sleep for another hundred year.


The Never Bloom is a sentient flower that only blooms once every hundred years.She is only known by a few inhabits of Never Land and fewer have ever heard her song.

Role in the series

The Never Bloom only appearance in the series so far is the episode "The Never Bloom!"Jake and his crew receive a note from Peter Pan about the rare flower that only blooms once every hundred years called the Never Bloom. The pirate kids follow Pan's compass to get to the flower, but on their way they were pursued by greedy Captain Hook and his crew. Jake and his crew were able to thwart Hook and his crew to witness Never Bloom bloom they even enjoy a song and dance with Never Bloom before she went back to sleep for hundred years.

Episode Appearances


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