The Magpie is a minor character featured in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is a mischievous bird that is known to swipe anything shiny and take it to his lair deep within the Valley of the Lost. His vocal effects are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the series

The Magpie first appeared in the episode "The Lost and Found Treasure",Jake and his crew journey into the mysterious Valley of the Lost in order to find Cubby's missing map amongst the various objects within the valley. In order to get a better look around Jake used his spyglass when the magpie swoops down and takes the spyglass. Meanwhile Skully soon spots the magpie soaring off with the spyglass so he gives chase. Skully soon confronts the magpie when he learns that the magpie has been the one taking various objects of the valley to make his home. Skully notices the Jade Jaguar within in a chest but before Skully could ask the magpie about it, both birds are confided in the chest by Captain Hook and his crew who followed Jake and the others into the valley for the Jade Jaguar. Hook and his crew soon try to make there escape back to the Jolly Roger when Jake and his crew arrive to rescue Skully. Hook and his men attempt to flee but in the confusion, both Skully and the Magpie were able to escape. The Magpie is last seen when Jake and his crew agree to be friends with him as long as he returns the various objects to there owners which the magpie reluctantly agrees to.

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