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The Greatest Treasure Ever
Originally performed by
Composer Kevin Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins
Lyrics Kevin Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins
Performer(s) Kevin Hendrickson, Loren Hoskins, Corey Burton
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The Greatest Treasure Ever is a song from the Disney Junior animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. The song is sung by Captain Hook, Sharky and Bones in the episode special The Legion of Pirate Villains


Sharky and Bones: There be one great treasure every pirate wants to find

We agree that its the greatest but we don't know is what kind

Captain Colossus had the greatest treasure ever

Sharky: There be riches and gold

Bones: Hatches overflow with gold

Sharky: Whatever it be...

Sharky and Bones: The Greatest Treasure Ever, well it really doesn't matter and that what make it sadder cause no one can find it.

Captain Hook: Stop!, no one could find it until now. The Greatest Treasure Ever will go to the greatest pirate

Captain Hook: The Greatest Treasure Ever goes to me you can't deny it

If I have use every hook that's up my sleeve

The Greatest Treasure will belong to me

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