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The Golden Tree
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User Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee ,Sharky, Bones
Purpose It is the source of magic that keeps Skybird Island in the sky
Location SkyBird Island
Final State Still on SkyBird Island
You see, for centuries, the tree's magic has kept our island floating. Without it, SkyBird Island would fall out of the sky!
―Wise Old Parrot

"SkyBird Island's Golden Tree (better known as The Golden Tree) is the source of magic that keeps SkyBird Island in the sky and if the golden leaves our remove from the tree the island would crash into the Never Sea.

Role in the series

The Golden Tree is seen in the episode "Birds of a Feather ". However it is not colored gold, Jake and his crew were atop Skull Rock watching the various birds flying around socializing. A parrot named Winger meets Skully and asks him if he can help her find the SkyBird Kingdom.

The Golden Tree plays a larger role in the episode "SkyBird Island is Falling!" Winger and Skully are enjoying each others company eventually coming to the island's magic golden tree. Skully and Winger learns from the Wise Old Parrot that the island will plummet to the Never Sea without the trees golden leaves. Winger then watches helplessly as the leaves are stolen by Captain Hook and his pirates. Jake, Izzy and Cubby appear to save the island to little avail. Winger and Skully eventually gathers the island's natives and attack Hook stealing the leaves back in the process. Although the leaves are back in Winger's possessions, they may not be able to put the leaves back in time. Thankfully, Izzy used her Pixie Dust to restore the leaves onto the branches. After the pirates return to Pirate Island, Winger sends a thank you message hoping to see the pirates again soon.

The Golden Tree makes a brief reappearance in the episode "Sail Away Treasure" after Jake and his crew restore Skully's ship the Leaky Beak. They discover a treasure map on the sail. The crew saw the map led to a treasure on Never Ever Peak Mountain and was meant to go to Skybird Island.

The Golden Tree is briefly in the episode "Flight of the Feathers", as Top Bird and his team the Feathered Four set out for there hundredth mission by Wise Old Parrot. The tree is again miss colored.

Video games

The Golden Tree makes a brief appearance in the video game LeapTV™ Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Educational, Active Video Game. During the "Fly with Izzy" segment the player as Izzy must fly around SkyBird Island. Tilt and turn to count numbers in the clouds and grab gold doubloons from the sky.



  • There's an error that the Golden Tree has appeared twice within the series not colored gold. The first is the episode "Birds of a Feather" and again in "Flight of the Feathers."
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