The Golden Pyramid-Jake's Buccaneer Blast
The Golden Pyramid
Background Information
First appearance "The Golden Pyramid"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land Desert in Never Land
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee
Final state Collapse into a pile of rubble and its various pieces were used to construct a sail wagon for Jake and his crew.

The Golden Pyramid is a large golden pyramid hidden in the Never Land Desert and said to hide one of the legendary Pirate Pieces of Eight.

Jake's Buccaneer Blast

The Golden Pyramid first appeared in the spin-offs first episode of the same name. Jake and his crew were racing across the Never Land Desert searching for the legendary Pirate Pieces of Eight hidden within the golden pyramid. Unknown to Jake and his mateys Captain Hook and Mr. Smee overhear, quickly Hook orders Smee to construed his own sail wagon to give chase for the pyramid. Hook soon manage to catch and surpass Jake and his crew to the golden pyramid, even destroying a nearby pyramid to wreck Jake and his crew sail wagon. Once at the golden pyramid Hook and Smee wasn't able to discover the Pirate Piece hidden within and frantically search, climbing to the top of the golden pyramid. Jake and his crew soon arrive at the golden pyramid, using his spyglass Jake spots the Pirate Piece at the bottom of the pyramid and manage to pry it free with his sword. Captain Hook soon spots Jake and his crew with the Pirate Piece and demand they released at once, but Jake had a better idea removing the various blocks of the Golden Pyramid to reconstruct his mateys destroyed sail wagon, causing the Golden Pyramid to collapse sending Hook and Smee plummeting into the sand below. Jake finally added the Pirate Pieces of the pyramid to his newly constructed sail wagon to power it up. Before setting off for the next Pirate Pieces Jake offers Hook and Smee a lift, But Hook scuffed refusing the help of his puny pirate foes. Jake and mateys set off but in the process, the massive sail wagon kicks up enough sand sending Hook and Smee flying across the Never Land Desert.


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