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Sword of Chaos
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Other Names
User Chaos Khan's Ancestors,Sharky,Chaos Khan
Purpose Originally it was used by Doctor Undergear to defend himself.
Location Never Land
Final State Falls into a chasm deep within Never Land
The Sword of Chaos is a magical sword once belonging to Chaos Khan's ancestors in the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. The Sword of Chaos has the power to create earthquakes when it strikes the ground.



Long ago when Chaos Khan's Ancestors raided Never Land they were thwarted by the Dark-Shark Clan and lost the sword in the battle.To prevent the sword from falling to the wrong hand the Dark-Shark Clan hid the sword deep within there secret hideaway deep within Never Land.Chaos Khan soon learn of the humiliation that befall his ancestors and was bent on both reclaiming the Sword of Chaos and the destruction of the Dark-Shark Clan.

Role in the Series

The Sword of Chaos first appeared in the episode "Tiger Sharky Strikes Again!", Chaos Khan invades Never Land to reclaim the Sword of Chaos that his ancestors lost to the Dark-Shark Clan many years ago.With the danger of Chaos Khan looming over the island,Tiger Sharky inducts Captain Jake and his crew into the Dark-Shark Clan to defend Never Land and the Sword of Chaos from falling into Khan's grasp.When Sharky brings Jake and his crew to the Dark-Shark Clan hideout he informs them of the tale of the sword.Soon Chaos Khan was able to track Sharky down with the aid of his pet elephant, Thunder Foot and reclaim the sword.Now with the power of the Sword of Chaos,Chaos Khan uses it to destroy the Dark-Shark Clan.Later during the second attempt to reclaim the sword Chaos Khan attack with the sword once more only to open of a chasm trapping Thunder Foot within much to his dismay. Realizing Khan still doesn't fully have the knowledge to control the Sword of Chaos Sharky,Jake and his crew strike a counterattack against knocking the warrior to the ground and sword causing another chasm that swallowed Chaos Khan and the Sword of Chaos.While Khan is rescued from the pit by Izzy and her Pixie Dust,she wasn't able to recover the he Sword of Chaos losing it to depths of the Never Land.


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