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The Sword in the Stone
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Inspiration Excalibur
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User Captain Hook
Location Never Land
Final State Still on Never Land.
The Sword in the Stone is an object from Jake and the Never Land Pirates.


According to Mr. Smee, the sword was hidden deep within Never Land by Peter Pan.It is said that any Sneaky Snook pulls the sword will have misfortune.

Role in the series

The Sword and the Stone first appeared in at end of the episode of the same name,after Captain Hook fails to retrieve the treasure behind the mysterious stone door he discover do to Jake and his crew retrieving Jake's wooden sword that Peter Pan gave to him.Mr. Smee takes Hook to another sword he uncovered in the jungle in hopes of lighting his captains spirits but, Smee tries to warn Hook not to remove the inscription on the stone that any snook who removes the sword will get his do.Ignoring Smee's warning, Hook pushes his first-mate out of the way and pulls the sword from the stone.Delighted that the sword is in his grasp Hook declares himself the very best pirate in all of Never Land as prove, but this is short lived as a hole underneath Hook opens up sending the captain plummeting into under ground canal.Hook curses Peter Pan for tricking him yet again only to hear the ominous ticking growing near much to Hook's confusion as the, captain reemerges from the hole fleeing in terror with Tick-Tock the Crocodile in pursuit.


  • The Sword in the Stone is loosely based on the mythical sword of King Arthur, which he pulled to prove that he was the rightful king.
    • The sword and episode title card are likely referencing the Disney 1963 film of the same name.


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