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Stony Pass
Background Information
First appearance "Jake's Pirate Swap Meet"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones
Final state Still standing
Looks like Hook is going down Stony Pass to get to Cactus Canyon.

Stony Pass is a long rocky pathway leading into Cactus Canyon located in Never Land.

Role in the series

Stony Pass first appeared in the episode "Jake's Pirate Swap Meet", during the annual Pirate Swap Meet, Captain Hook and his crew stumbles upon a treasure map and Jake and his friends were going to trade. However Jake soon learns that the map leads to Cubby's first treasure on Never Land and he didn't want to trade it. Jake soon apologized to matey and asks Hook for the map back. Captain Hook refused, claiming the treasure belongs to him before fleeing into the Never Land Jungle with Jake and his crew in pursuit. While Hook and his crew took the stone path, Cubby recalled a quicker way by zip-lining down a rope dangling over Stone Pass. Hook and his crew attempt to rush after them but activated another one of Cubby's traps. Jake and his crew free Hook and his men from the trap hoping they have learned their lesson, but this is short-lived as the band of sneaky pirates flee into Cactus Canyon to find the treasure with the young pirates in pursuit once more.


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