Spirit Key
Treasure Tooth's Golden Figurehead
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Background information
Other Names Peg-Leg Peg's Spirit Key
User Peg-Leg Peg,Captain Treasure Tooth,Ghostly Bob,Pranky,Izzy
Purpose Has the power to lock and unlocks the gates of Pirate Paradise and Never-Nether Land
Location Pirate Paradise
Final State Returned to Peg-Leg Peg in Pirate Paradise.
The Spirit Key is an object from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It's a large golden key that belonging to Peg-Leg Peg.

Powers and Abilities

The Spirit Key has the power to open and lock the golden gates of Pirate Paradise allowing anyone to gain access or lock the gate from the outside.It is later revealed the key can open a portal to Never-Nether Land,the realm of evil spirits locked away within Never Land.

Role in the series

The Spirit Key first appeared in the episode "Phantoms of Never-Nether Land", Ghostly Bob and his crew are still causing mischief in Pirate Paradise.The trio end up stealing Peg-Leg Peg's Spirit Key locking the gates to Pirate Paradise preventing Peg from leaving and Captain Treasure Tooth from entering.With the help of Jake and his pirate crew, Treasure Tooth was able to track down Ghostly Bob and his crew on Never Land.Bob informs Jake that they took the Spirit Key to free Captain Wraith from Never-Nether Land who they got a message from in a bottle.Jake and his crew warn Bob not to trust Wraith after dealing with the fiendish pirate ghost once before and the dangers of unleashing the evil spirits of Never-Nether Land on Never Land.Bob agreed to return the key but it was to late, Pranky accidentally sets Wraith free.However, this is short-lived as Jake and his crew defeated Wraith once more sealing him back within Never-Nether Land with the other evil spirits.Bob and his crew apologized for the trouble they caused and returned to Pirate Paradise with Treasure Tooth to free Peg-Leg Peg.


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