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The Spell Shell
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Other Names
User Marina,Queen Coralie
Purpose Causes anyone who comes in contact with the magical seashell to go into a deep sleep
Location Never Land
Final State Presumed to be back on the beach after Jake and his crew break the spell.
The Spell Shell is a enchanted purple shell of great power that is said to put anyone comes in contact into a deep magical sleep.


While not much is currently known about the Spell Shell Queen Coralie was quick to recognize the cursed seashell and save Marina from falling victim from its magic.


The Spell Shell has the power to release a purple mist that can put anyone in contact within a deep sleep.Which can only be broken by a kiss from the victims worse enemy.It also trigger a tower like rock formation that Queen Coralie was sleeping on and a wall of unbreakable thorns around the tower.

Role in the Series

The Spell Shell first appeared in the episode "Sleeping Mermaid", Jake and his crew accompanied by Queen Coralie and Marina as they collect seashells on the beach, the queen notice a stone message on rock wall warning the dangers of the Spell Shell which has the power to put anyone into a deep sleep. Marina soon finds the Spell Shell, but as she hands the shell to the queen it puts Coralie into a deep sleep. The only way to reverse the spell is if Jake and his crew must convince Captain Hook to help. Hook reluctantly agrees to assist the mermaid queen in order to claim the huge pearl Marina offers for his reward. It wasn't until Hook learned the final phase to break the spell that he had to kiss the queen,which he refused believing no treasure is worth such humiliation as he tries to flee,Jake and his crew manage to stop him by tugging at the captain's coat causing him to tumble backwards and accidentally kiss the sleeping mermaid. Once awake, Queen Coralie learned Hook released her from the sleeping spell through his kiss, to which both agree never to speak of this day again.


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