The Snow Mugs are supporting characters in Disney Junior animated series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They are enchanted snowman and the personal bodyguards of ShiverJack, and guardian of FrozenGuard. There vocal effects are provided by Dee Bradley Baker and Mark Hamill.



Not much is currently known about the Snow Mugs or how they came into contact with ShiverJack. It is presumed that they were created by the evil wizards magic.


The Snow Mugs act as ShiverJack's dim-witted footsoldiers. They are not very intelligent, resorting to brute force under their leader, ShiverJack. However, their size and strength are a formidable problem for Jake and his friends, who often choose to escape the Snow Mugs or outwit them rather than fight them directly.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being made from snow and ice, the Snow Mugs seems to have no real control over it. However, Snow Mugs have immense physical strength, which they use as there primary weapon. When facing one or two opponents, their immense size and strength can give them the upper hand. However, they have some difficulty taking on large groups of opponents at one time, due to their strength in numbers and the Snow Mugs lack of agility.

Role in the series

The Snow Mugs first appeared in the episode "Into the Heart of Coldness", He captures Pearl and the rest of penguins of Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon with the assistance of his snow creatures. Once back in his icy fortress, FrozenGuard he reveals to Pearl that he needed the penguins to locate the Heart of Coldness, an icy heart like gem located deep beneath the bowls of the icy waters of his fortress. However, the hole proved too small for ShiverJack and his underlings. With the power of the Heart of Coldness will give ShiverJack the extra power he needed to turn all of Never Land into his personal icy paradise.

The Snow Mugs reappear in the episode "Jake's Cold-Hearted Matey ", ShiverJack summon one of them to get rid of his nephew ChillyZack who wanted to spend time with him. During Zack's turn at the sled he accidentally gets Jake,Izzy and Cubby stuck behind a cage of ice. ShiverJack soon stumbles upon Zack accidentally capture of Jake and his crew and was delighted by Zack's handy work. ShiverJack summons a giant snake made of ice and snow to destroy Jake and his crew once and for all. ChillyZack pleads with his uncle to put a stop to this and that Jake and his crew are not evil. ShiverJack reveals his true colors to his nephew as he savored the pain of his foes. ChillyZack soon turns his powers on his uncle threatening ShiverJack to release his friends. ShiverJack chuckled believing Zack was powerless to stop him, but this is short-lived as ChillyZack confined his uncle in a block of ice cause the snow serpent to disappear and free Jake and his crew. ShiverJack soon ordered his Snow Mugs to attack the pirates but with the combined power of both ChillyZack and Jake's Mighty Captain Sword put a stop to the snowman. ChillyZack soon turns to his friends and apologized to them for his uncle's wicked ways, much to the disgust of ShiverJack who swears he'll have revenge on both his nephew and Jake as he and is icy minions are sent flying by Izzy's Pixie Dust. The Snow Mugs and ShiverJack are last seen soaring over the waters of FrozenGuard when the Pixie Dust wears off sending ShiverJack and his minions plummeting into the Never Sea only to be chased back to his lair by a school of hungry Never-Sharks.

The Snow Mugs reappear in the episode "The Legion of Pirate Villains!", they were asleep at their post on FrozenGuard when ShiverJack orders them to get back to work and there is no rest on FrozenGuard. They are later left in confusion when ShiverJack is abducted by the Grim Buccaneer.

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