I reckon that's the Legendary Snow-Foot!

Snow-Foot is a character from Disney Junior's television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He's a shy young yeti boy who lives in the Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon. He is voiced by Rico Rodriguez.


Snow-Foot is a creature of legend known by the penguins of Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon said to be a fearsome creature of great size,that no one has ever seen him.Percy has always wanted to see the creature for himself.However Snow-Foot is nothing like the tales about him describe to be with the exception of his large feet.


Snow-Foot is actually very timid and very soft spoken, unlike the stories told about him.As he revealed when he meets Jake and his crew,Snow-Foot lived quite a lonely life alone from anyone in the uncharted section of Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon and do to his shy nature it was hard for him to make friends.

Role in the series

Snow-Foot first appeared in the episode "The Legendary Snow-Foot!",Jake and his crew help Percy set off in search of the legendary Snow-Foot,yeti the in habits the far regions of Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon.Captain Hook offer his assistance in order to claim the penguins treasure for his reward in locating the creature.However the pirates find themselves with no leads to locating the snow monster until they spot and hear Snow-Foot.Captain Hook raced after the creature causing Snow-Foot which caused a avalanche that swipes everyone off there feet including Snow-Foot who buried under the snow.Jake and the others quickly release free Snow-Foot much to there surprise he was merely a child.Snow-Foot thanks Jake and the others for freeing him and quickly became fiends with both Percy and Jake and his crew.Snow-Foot accompanies Jake back to Percy colony to give Captain Hook his reward for his efforts,Much to Hook's surprise it was merely a pile of codfish that the penguins treasured. Snow-Foot is last seen when Hook and his crew return to the Jolly Roger,Hook was furious that he wasted all his time looking the beast only to receive a pile of codfish as he finish cleaning himself, only for both Percy and Snow-Foot to toss more fish onto Hook's ship leaving the captain covered to head to toe once more in fish.

Episode Appearances


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