The Snapdragons are minor characters from the Disney Junior animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They are a large multicolored carnivorous plants encountered throughout Never Land.


Despite being plants,Snapdragons have been depicted as being sentient and are one of the most feared plant species on the island,while normally, these plants are peacefully sleeping, but if anyone fool hardy to wake them up, they will try to bite them with their razor-sharp teeth.

Role in the series

A Snapdragon makes a appearance at the end of the episode "The Never Bloom!",After Captain Hook and return to the Jolly Roger,Hook that wasn't even able to witness the Never Bloom bloom before she went back to sleep for a hundred years after being foiled by Jake and his crew. In order to cheer Hook up Mr. Smee brings aboard a potted plant he found on Never Land.Hook wasn't amuse by Smee's gesture and question what kind of flower it was.Smee reveals that it is a Snapdragon,which quickly wakes with roar sending Hook,Sharky and Bones in a panic.As Hook flees across the deck of the Jolly Roger he is quickly chased by the Snapdragon snapping at his heels.

The Snapdragons reappeared in the episode "The Golden Twilight Treasure!" Jake and his mates discover a firefly one night and call him Brightly. Suddenly, Captain Hook captures Brightly and takes him along light the way to the Cave of the Golden Twilight Treasure. Jake and his crew must rescue Brightly from Hook before his light goes dim. While searching for riches Hook and Mr. Smee stumble into a large grove of sleeping Snapdragons,wakes with roar,snapping wildly at Hook and Smee.The duo quickly flee from the plants much to the amusement of Brightly. Soon Jake and his crew come across the Snapdragons as they go back to sleep. Cubby was very nervous to move forward,fearing waking the ravenous plants. However Jake suggest that they quietly tiptoe past the sleeping Snapdragons without waking them. Jake and his friends manage to slip by the plants to pursue Hook and rescue Brightly.

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