Smiley the Never Shark is a supporting character featured in the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is a mischievous Never Land shark and one of Finn the Mer-Boy oldest friends. His vocal effect are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.



Not much is known about Smiley and Finn's history but ever since that faithful encounter they have been the best of friends, sharing a deep bond of trust in one another. Unlike the other Never-Sharks who are known to be one of the most feared inhabits of the Never Sea, Smiley is a kind and playful spirit who is known to splash others.

Role in the series

Smiley first appeared in the episode "Look Out...Never-Sharks!", accompanied by Finn the Mer-Boy, who decide to pay Jake and his crew a visit on Pirate Island and wanted to see if Jake would like to go on an underwater excursion with his old friend Smiley, and Jake and his crew were curious who Smiley was. Finn calls out and suddenly a shark shows up and at first glance, Jake was intimidated by the shark as he moved closer to the beach for a closer look but they soon realize he meant them no harm when he suddenly greeted the young pirates by splashing them with a wide grin. Thanks to the power of Finn's trident Jake was given a diver suit allowing him to join Smiley and Finn to Buster Boat Bay. While at the bay they come across three Never Sharks who challenges Smiley to a Wreck Race through the bay. Unknown to Jake and Finn, Captain Hook and his crew enter the bay using the Squidailus in hopes of finding pearls hidden within the bay and ends up getting caught in the middle of the race between Smiley and the other Never Sharks. Hook, believing that they are the guardians to the treasure Hook seeks, decides to get rid of the sharks. But Hook is later foiled by Smiley, Jake Finn and the rest of Jake's crew who arrived to assist using Submarine Bucky.

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