The Slippery Serpent is a minor character featured in the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Despite her large size she a friendly snake living in Slippery Serpent Forest. Her vocal effects are provided by April Winchell.

Role in the series

The Slippery Serpent first appeared in the episode "Escape from Belch Mountain". Jake and his crew meet her while traveling through Slippery Serpent Forest in order to stop Captain Hook who plans on throwing Jake's guitar into Belch Mountain. While the young pirates were afraid at first sight of the massive snake but the quickly noticed that she meant them no harm but were puzzled how they get past her.The Slippery Serpent allowed the young pirates slid down her back to the other side of the forest allowing Jake and his friends to continue on their journey to Belch Mountain.

Video games

The Slippery Serpent makes a cameo as a puzzle within the Pirate Pyramid in the online game "The Great Pirate Pyramid." Captain Flynn,Jake and the rest of his crew have to solve in order to venture deeper into the Pirate Pyramid for treasure on each floor while evading Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

Episode Appearances


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