Captain Hook, I'd like you to meet Slink's mother!

Slink's Mother is a minor character from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. She is a giant sea serpent who lives in the Cave of Neptune at the bottom of the Never Sea with her baby Slink. Her vocal effects are provided by the late Russi Taylor.

Role in the Series

Slink's Mother first appeared in the episode "Cubby's Pet Problem". While Jake and his crew were exploring the wonders of the Never Sea with Stormy they reach the Cave of Neptune when they hear Slink's Mother roar and mistakes it for Slink on their first meeting. Not wanting to invoke the rage of Slink's mother, they decide to return to Pirate Island , unknown to them that the baby sea serpent has followed them back to the island and later gets captured by Sharky and Bones as the main attraction of Captain Hook's seaside petting zoo. Slink's Mother appears later in the episode thanks to Stormy to prevent Hook and his crew from escaping with her baby. Hook attempts to flee from the sea serpent, but that just makes her mad as she blocks the Jolly Roger path. Slink's Mother then captures the Jolly Roger in a whirlpool. Meanwhile, Izzy used her pixie dust to fly, and rescue Slink and Cubby from Hook's ship. Slink's Mother is last seen when both sea serpents returned back to depths of the sea as Jake and his crew bid them farewell.

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