The Skunk Bugs are minor characters in Disney Junior animated TV series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They are tiny stinkbug like insects that inhabit Far Faraway Island. Their vocal effects are provided by is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the Series

The Skunk Bugs first appeared in the episode "Little Stinkers", Captain Hook discovered a foul odor aboard the Jolly Roger and was determined to get rid of the foul smell. Hook soon discovers the smell was coming from Bones's new pet Skunk Bug, Stinkette. Hook orders Bones to get rid of that putrid beast at once much to Bones' dismay leaving the little insect on Pirate Island and forcing Jake and his crew to deal with it. Jake and his friends soon follow the foul odor to Stinkette. The young pirates decide to find a new home for Stinkette on Never Land. Jake and crew thought Stinkpot Swamp would be the perfect home for the Stinkette, unaware that musical sounds of the swamp would cause the Stinkette to multiple. On their way back to Pirate Island Jake and his crew spot that the Jolly Roger has its own infestation of Skunk Bugs. Jake and his crew decide to help Hook and his crew with their Skunk Bug problem. After learning that that insect will multiply uncontrollably when hearing music, Jake and his friends knew they had to remove not only the Skunk Bugs aboard the Jolly Roger but remove the swarm that will spawn in Stinkpot Swamp. Using Mr. Smee's stinky cooking to lure the Skunk Bugs into one place and using Izzy's pixie dust to lure the insects to Far Faraway Island since it's so far and uninhabited it was the ideal home for Stinkette and the Skunk Bug swarm.

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