Images of Skully in the first season of the Series.

Season One Intro

Hide the Hideout!

The Old Shell Game

Hats Off to Hook!

Escape from Belch Mountain

Off The Hook

Never Say Never!

Yo Ho, Food to Go!

Basketballs Aweigh!

The Sky's the Limit!

Bucky Makes a Splash

Happy Hook Day!

No Returns!

Izzy's Pirate Puzzle

The Never Land Games

Free Wheeling Fun

The Race to Never Peak!

Cubby's Sunken Treasure

Cubby's Goldfish

Surfin' Turf

The Seahorse Roundup

It's a Pirate Picnic!

The Key to Skull Rock

The Never Bloom!

Jake's Starfish Search

Hook Seals a Deal!

The Emerald Coconut

The Golden Twilight Treasure!

Rock the Croc!

The Elephant Surprise!

Jake's Jungle Groove

The Golden Egg

Huddle Up!

Save the Coral Cove!

Treasure Chest Switcheroo

Birds of a Feather

Treasure Show and Tell!

The Pirate Princess

The Rainbow Wand

The Sword and the Stone