Skateboard-Off the Hook
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User Jake,Captain Hook,Izzy,Cubby
Location Pirate Island
Final State Still on Pirate Island
The Skateboard is object featured in the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates,it washes onto Pirate Island beach.

Role in the series

The Skateboard first appeared in the episode Off The Hook,Jake and his crew finds the skateboard being washed up on shore, Jake finds he's good at preforming skateboarding tricks.But as you can guess, Captain Hook steals it and flees to Never Land. Hook decided to ride the skateboard down Never Peak mountain losing the board in the Never Land Jungle. Jake and his crew soon follow the board to Floating Rock Canyon and where briefly puzzle how to get a cross the canyon.,until they notice the floating rocks move back and forth from the canyon allowing Jake and his friends to cross to the other side.Unknown to Jake and his mateys at the time Captain Hook and Mr. Smee were on there trail, using the same means Jake and his crew to get across however Smee couldn't keep his balance and cause the floating rock spin wildly sending Hook and himself hurling onto the other side.

Printed material

The Skateboard reappearance in the book, "My First Look Find Jake and the Never Land Pirates". It is featured in the Have-a-Banana Grove as one of the objects that most located within the lush jungle.

Video games

The Skateboard is featured in the online game "Jake's Skate Escape." Jake and his crew most ride the skateboard through Never Land's various obstacles and safe aboard Bucky before Captain Hook catches them.


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