Yes, yes, that's me! Loyal Sinker!

Sinker is a character from the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is a small anthropomorphic yellow squid that serves Lord Fathom as his henchman.He is voiced by Jim Rash.


Sinker' personality is that of the typical minion; timid, cowardly, and basically a yes-man to Lord Fathom.

Role in the series

Sinker first appeared in the episode special "The Great Never Sea Conquest". He was fast asleep next to the cave, when Captain Hook's ship anchor get caught on the boulder those releasing Lord Fathom from an underwater prison,Sinker greets his master who soon reveals to his squid he plans once again to take over the Never Sea heading for Neptune City, Lord Fathom tricks Queen Coralie into helping him get the DarkLight Emerald and then imprisons her, Marina, and Stormy and takes over Neptune City.

Before her Capture Queen Coralie sends Sandy the Starfish to find Jake and his friends for help, while Fathom begins taking control of the various sea creatures in with the power of the DarkLight Emerald. Jake and his crew head to Neptune City while Fathom heads toward Dreadnaught Cove. Meanwhile Captain Hook still desperate for treasure,order his crew to search the Never Sea filling it with nets soon Fathom confronts Hook,he order the captain to remove the nets from his sea but the greedy captain refuses to take orders from the low some creature and attempt to steal the DarkLight Emerald from Fathom.However mer-wizard power proved to great for Hook and his crew,luckily Jake and his were sailing near by and come to Hook;s aid.However Fathom power was even to great for the combined forces of Jake and Hook's crew sending them flying, he reveals he intends to unleash the Strake, the most ferocious monster in the Never Sea, Sinker pleads with Fathom not to release that monster as it too powerful and uncontrollable, but Fathom refuse to lesson to Sinker's advise. To deal with this new threat, Jake creates the League of Never Sea Captains: Himself, Captain Hook, Captain Flynn, Captain Frost, and Beatrice Le Beak. The League tries to stop Lord Fathom but he's too powerful. Jake's sword suddenly makes the Mighty Colossus rise out of the water and makes him it's captain. Meanwhile, Lord Fathom releases the Strake and places it under his control and a battle erupts. King Neptune appears and tells Jake that all he needs to defeat Fathom and the Strake is to believe in himself. Using the powers of his sword, Jake finally defeats Fathom and the Strake. He then re-imprisons the Strake and destroys the DarkLight Emerald, freeing Queen Coralie, Marina, Stormy, and the sea creatures.Fathom and Sinker are soon chased away by the various creatures of the Never Sea.Fathom and Sinker are last seen in hiding in Dreadnought Cove when Fathom reveals to Sinker he manages to recover a piece of the DarkLight Emerald and swears he'll not just rule the Never Sea but all of Never Land,but the Strake suddenly roars furiously from behind the stone door of Dreadnaught Cove, sending Lord Fathom and Sinker fleeing in terror once more.

Sinker reappears in the episode "The Legion of Pirate Villains!" he joins Lord Fathom as they enter Dreadnaught Cove once more to wake the Strake from his slumber once more but as Fathom attempt to use the DarkLight Emerald power it is knock out of his hand by Captain Hook entering Dreadnought Cove in search of Captain Colossus's treasure.Hook is then captured by the Grim Buccaneer believing he captured Lord Fathom.Sinker is last seen confused at what happen as Lord Fathom bellows for him to help him recover the DarkLight Emerald fragment caught in the ocean current as the villainous duo chase after it.

Printed material

Sinker only appearance in the printed media is in the storybook adaption of the special The Great Never Sea Conquest.

Video games

Sinker is featured in the Disney Junior App game "Battle On The Never Sea." He appears as a mini boss during Jake's quest.He will toss various objects from the safety of the ship's mast until he runs out of things to hurl at Jake and runs away.

Episode Appearances


Sinker-The Legion of Pirate Villains!04

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  • Sinker is noticeably the only creature of the Never Sea that serves Lord Fathom without being control by the DarkLight Emerald.

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