Singing Stones Island
Singing Stone Island
Background Information
First appearance "The Singing Stones "
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names Singing Stone Isle
Location Off the shores of Never Land
Inhabitants The Singing Stones
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully
Final state Still standing

Singing Stone Island is a large island with various rock formations shaped like musical notes off the shores of Never Land. The island is inhabited by a family of Moai-like creatures known as The Singing Stones.

Role in the series

Singing Stone Island first appeared in "The Singing Stones ", while sailing the open Never Sea's various islands Jake and his crew overhear singing coming from a nearby island where they meet the singing stones family. The Singing Stones explain they desperately need to return to their home on Singing Stones Island on time before Peter Pan's comet arrives or they will never end their curse. Jake and his young pirate friends agreed to help by tying the small island to Bucky and began towing the island. Unaware Captain Hook was spying on them, Hook refuse to allow the puny pirate to have another island and was determined to claim the Singing Stones island for himself. Jake and his crew try to intervene explaining the situation to Hook but the greedy pirate refuse to give up his island paradise as he planted his flag into the tiny island removing a chunk of the island with Little Sister stranded on it. Jake and his crew soon race to Little Sister's aid but they couldn't move the massive Moai. Recalling that the Little Sister song causes the Singing Stones to become separated from their island home they inform her to sing once more freeing her from the Jolly Roger. With Little Sister free from Hook's grasp Izzy quickly uses her pixie dust to reunite the young Singing Stone with her family and later on the island with Bucky allowing Jake and his crew to soar them and the Singing Stones the rest of the way foiling Hook's attempt to regain control of the island. Finally Jake and his crew reach the Singing Stones' home just in time for the family to bathe in the glow of Peter Pan's comet, restoring the Singing Stones' bodies once more.


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