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Images of Sharky in the first season of the Series.

Season One Intro

The Old Shell Game

Hats Off to Hook!

Escape from Belch Mountain

Off The Hook

Yo Ho, Food to Go!

Basketballs Aweigh!

Happy Hook Day!

The Never Land Games

Free Wheeling Fun

Cubby's Goldfish

The Seahorse Roundup

It's a Pirate Picnic!

The Never Bloom!

Hook Seals a Deal!

The Elephant Surprise!

Jake's Jungle Groove

Huddle Up!

Treasure Chest Switcheroo

Treasure Show and Tell!

The Pirate Princess

The Rainbow Wand

Jake's Home Run!

Captain Hook's Parrot

SkyBird Island is Falling!

Night of the Golden Pumpkin

Trick or Treasure!

The Pirate Pup!

Pirate Rock!

It's a Winter Never Land!

Hook on Ice!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns