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Shade's Ship
First appearance "Pirate Ghost Story"
Latest appearance
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Crew Shade the Shadow Pirate (captain)
Fate Vanishes after Shade's demise.

Shade's Ship is the infamous pirate vessel of the late evil shadow pirate Shade.


Shade's ship like its captain past is mostly unknown, though Shade is mentioned as being the ruler of the realm of shadow known as the Shadow World. His motivations is to be the most powerful being in Never World, dominating the shadows of the islands various inhabitants.

Roles in the series

Shade's ship first appeared in the episode "Pirate Fools Day!." Shade serve as the main antagonist of the episode. Peter Pan's Shadow is running amok pulling pranks on the various inhabitants of Never Land on Pirate Fools Day.Shade spots Pan's Shadow mischief,and with Peter no where in sight, Shade took great delight at this opportunity he's been waiting for to capture Pan's Shadow and bringing it to his Shadow World.Shade mocks Jake and his friend pointless efforts before fleeing back to his ship with his captive.As Shade made his way back to his ship near Shipwreck Beach he is confronted once more with Jake and his crew with the assistance of Brightly the Firefly and his swarm.Shade's ship is last seen vanishing after Shade explodes in brilliant flash of light.Presumably ending Shade rain of terror.


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