The Never Sands are supposed to be guarded by a... a...A giant s-s-sand serpent!
―Mr. Smee

The Sand Serpent is a minor character featured in the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. The Sand Serpent lives deep within the Never Land Desert guarding the legendary Never Sands of Time from trespassers. His vocal effect are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the series

The Sand Serpent first appeared in the episode "The Never Sands of Time" while searching for the treasure within the Never Land Desert Captain Hook and his bumbling crew stumbles into a lever triggering The Never Sands of Time to reveal itself. Captain Hook desired the golden sand within the massive hourglass, Mr. Smee tries to warn his captain of the dangers of tampering with the Sands of Time but Hook was determined to have the golden sand for himself but as Hook attempt to plunder the sand, Hook is attacked by the Sand Serpent but as the serpent chase Hook and his crew across the desert sand it knocks the Sands of Time off its stand changing day into night.

Jake and his crew soon learn from Marina that sift back and forth from night and day means something may be wrong with the Sands of Time. Once Jake and his crew reach the location where the Sands of Time once stand but discover that massive hourglass has been knocked off its stand by Hook and his men still being chased by the massive serpent. With the assistant of balloon Bucky Jake quickly rescue Hook and his crew from the sand serpent, Jake suggests they work together to restore Sands of Time. Meanwhile, the Sand Serpent is drawn back to the Sands of Time admiring its golden glow, giving Jake the idea using Brightly and his firefly friends to keep the sand serpent distracted the pirates could restore the Sands of Time back to its stand. Seeing his chance Captain Hook attempts to swipe the sand resulting in the serpent to give chase after Hook atop of the now rolling Sands of Time with the other pirates in pursuit. The Sand Serpent manages to capture the Sands of Time within his coils but before the serpent could take vengeance on the greedy captain both the serpent and Hook fall into a deep chasm with the Sands of Time.Izzy quickly uses her pixie dust rescuing Hook, the serpent and The Never Sands of Time from falling, Jake explains to the serpent that they were not thieves and only wanted to return the Sands of Time to its proper place. The Serpent finally under stand.Still power by the pixie dust allows the pirates to ride on his back to the Never Sands of Time stands. Once the hourglass is restored to its stand and pulling the lever once more burring Sands of Time beneath the desert. The young pirates assured the serpent that no one will trouble the Sands of Time again, making Captain Hook give his word, Hook wasn't willing at first to give up the golden treasure but after a quick scowl from the serpent Hook quickly agrees much to the serpent delight who affectionately licks Hook's face much to the captain repulsion.

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