Sailor's Swamp
Sailor Swamp
Background Information
First appearance "Hats off to Hook"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee
Final state Still Standing
Well... my map shows that this path leads to... Sailor Swamp!

Sailor Swamp is a large swamp in the middle of the Never Land Jungle. Those who venture through the swamp must be wary not to get caught within the mucky mud like water or risk sinking into the swamp.

Role in the series

Sailor Swamp first appeared in the episode "Hats off to Hook." Jake and his crew once had to cross Sailor Swamp when they were trying to give Captain Hook his hat. They couldn't cross it so they used a big palm leaf to get across. Unknown to the sea pups, that Captain Hook and Mr. Smee were on their trail, Hook believing that Jake and his crew stole his hat and tries to reclaim it. When Captain Hook came to the swamp he was in so much of a rush to get his hat that he did not notice the swamp, and got caught in the muck.


Jake's Buccaneer Blast

In the episode "The Never Land Jungle Speedway", Jake challenges Captain Hook to a sail wagon race across Never Land. While it is said to be Stinkpot Swamp the location actually resembles Sailor Swamp.

Video games

Sailor Swamp appears as the first level in the Disney Junior online game "Izzy´s Pet Puzzle".Izzy has to catch Patch the Pirate Pup who steals one of Captain Hook's boot and has fled into the Never Land Jungle.

Sailor Swamp appears as the final level in the online game "Jake's Skate Escape." Jake and his crew must ride their skateboard through the swamp evading the snapping jaws of Tick-Tock the Crocodile and Captain Hook is in pursuit to claim the skateboard. Sailor Swamp appears as a level in the online game "Jake's Pirate Marble Race Way".


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