The Rose
First appearance "Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty"
Latest appearance "Smee-erella!"
Video games
Park attractions
Maximum speed
Crew Red Jessica (captain), First-Mate Mollie
Passengers Beatrice Le Beak, Fast Claw, Hugging Love Plant

The Rose is a huge red ship belonging to the swashbuckling pirate beauty Red Jessica.

Roles in the series

The Rose first appeared in the episode "Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty". Red Jessica set sail after leaving her precious kitten Rosie in Hook's care due to Rosie fear of water.

The Rose reappears in the episode "Hooked!" Red Jessica set sail to the Jolly Roger to join Captain Hook on a treasure hunt for the Ruby Heart of Hearts. Red Jessica set sail for Pirate Island in the episode "The Lighthouse Diamond" to see the Midnight Sunflowers bloom but Captain Hook swipes the Lighthouse Diamond forcing Jake and his crew along with Brightly the Firefly to get it back. Once Hook learned that his beloved Red Jessica was coming to visit the island he and Mr. Smee assist the sea pups in return the Lighthouse Diamond back to the lighthouse.

In the episode "Pirate Pals" The Rose is taken captive by that plundering pirate Beatrice Le Beak as she tries to evade capture with Red Jessica's art collection but thanks to the combine effort of Captain Hook,Mr. Smee and Jake and his crew Beatrice Le Beak is captured and the Rose is returned to Red Jessica.

The Rose reappears in the episode "Hook's Playful Plant!",Captain Hook and his crew prepare for Red Jessica's visit to the Jolly Roger.But while preparing Smee notice the flower Hook had to impress her is being to wilt.In Hook's panic knowing how Red Jessica adores flowers accidentally sprays cologne that Red Jessica gave to him and the plant springs back to life but Hook goes a bit overboard with cologne causing the plant to grow wildly out of control even Jake and his crew become in tangled in the plant resoling in Red Jessica to set them all free when she arrives.

The Rose makes reappearance at the end of the episode "Smee-erella!",While Mr. Smee is leading the pirate ship parade.Red Jessica offers her new first mate Mollie the job aboard the vessel.The Rose is last seen sailing back to Crimson Isle as Red Jessica and Mollie wave good bye to both Hook and Smee.


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