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Rippin' Diggin' Machine
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User Captain Hook,Mr. Smee
Purpose Help Hook uncover the sunken treasures at the bottom of Coral Cove
Location The Jolly Roger
Final State Presumed to be dismantled after it spring back to life and chases Hook and Smee across the deck of the Jolly Roger.
And I, the equally legendary Captain Hook, intend to find it, with the help of my magnificent Rippin' Diggin' Machine.
―Captain Hook

The Rippin' Diggin' Machine was a large digging machine created by Captain Hook and his crew allowing Hook the power and means to dig up any sunken treasure from the bottom of the Never Sea.

Roles in the series

The Rippin' Diggin' Machine first appeared in the episode "Save the Coral Cove!", Captain Hook threatens to dig up and destroy Coral Cove the home of Sandy the Starfish and the other Never Sea creatures with his treasure digging machine in search of the "Treasure With Eight Arms". With Marina leading the way Jake and his crew witness Hook's handy work first hand,Jake pleads with Hook to give up his treasure hunt but the greedy captain refuses.As the young pirates try to pass three mischievous dolphins Hook's digging machine soon discovered something much to Hook's delight but this is short lived as it was the Octopus who begins attacking Hook and Mr. Smee sending the two fleeing until Jake and his friends intervene.Hook ordered Smee to row back to the Jolly Roger still shaken by the sight of the Octopus.Smee informs Hook they can't row any faster with the digging machine slowing them down.Hook command Smee to cut the Rippin' Diggin' Machine control panel lose leaving Jake and his crew to deal with Hook's treasure digging machine that is now out of control and heading towards Bucky but Marina ties a cord attached to it onto a shipwreck but it doesn't hold for long. Izzy comes to Bucky's rescue using her pixie dust on the machine sending it soaring out of control until it crash aboard the Jolly Roger and the cove is safe.The Rippin' Diggin' Machine is last seen at the end of the episode back aboard the Jolly Roger Captain Hook fed up with the digging machine but Mr. Smee assure his captain that machine will never work again taping it with a wrench causing the treasure digging machine to spring back to life and chase the villainous duo across the deck of the ship.


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