This article is about the location named "Race-Around Rock". You may be looking for the episode of the same name.

Race-Around Rock01
Race-Around Rock
Background Information
First appearance Race-Around Rock!
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee,Tick-Tock Croc
Final state Still standing

Race-Around Rock is a large windy track with various leaps and twisting roads and a large rock formation slightly resembling Skull Rock hidden in on Never Land and the ideal spot to enjoy Sail wagon riding. There are many pirate tales of Race-Around Rock. It is said to be one of Peter Pan's favorite places on Never Land.

Role in the series

Race-Around Rock first appeared in the episode of the same name.Jake, Izzy and Cubby have all made sail wagons for a big race to Race-Around Rock. Unknown to Jake and his team Captain Hook and Mr. Smee overhears the young pirates and becomes interested in the race, Hook soon orders Smee to construct a sail wagon using the various shipwreck of Shipwreck Beach. The race starts at the top of Never-Ever Peak Mountain, down the Never Peak trail through Mystery Tunnel and ends at Race-Around Rock. Jake and his crew prepare for the race at the starting line, when Hook arrives announcing him would like to take part in the fun Jake agrees that it would be fun if other join but true to his nature Hook begins to cheat and lay various obstacles to prevent Jake and the others from winning but Jake and his forces manage to outwit the sneaky captain's dirty tricks. By the end of the race, Cubby was the winner, much to the annoyance of Hook believing the whole ordeal was a waste of time, but Cubby assures him the race wasn't a waste and told him that Race-Around Rock was the perfect place for everyone to enjoy riding their sail wagons. Hook and Smee agreed to join the fun of the windy trail as well. But by the time Jake and his crew soon return to Pirate Island, Hook's amusement is replaced with terror as he and Smee land on Tick-Tock the Crocodile who amuses himself on what's left of the Hook's sail wagon.


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