Queen Isabella is a minor character featured in Jake and the Never Land Pirates.


Not much is currently known about Queen Isabella other than what Izzy described from her book. The queen is an adventurous treasure hunter of legend armed with her magical Sword of Light she set off to explore Never Land's Valley of Ice. Isabella manage to beat all the trials but the last was facing a fearsome Ice Dragon who guard the treasure of the Valley of Ice. The Queen manages survives her encounter with the Ice Dragon but lost her sword to the valley in the process. It is said the queen lived her life never completing the quest or recovering both her sword of the treasure. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Role in the series

Queen Isabella is mentioned in the episode "Queen Izzy-bella", after reading the adventures of Queen Isabella and her search for treasure in Never Land's Valley of Ice. Izzy suggests that the crew try to find the queens treasure.Jake, Cubby and Skully weren't so certain that the tale was true. Izzy decides to set out on her own to uncover Queen Isabella treasure. Unknown to Izzy Captain Hook and his scurvy crew spot her journeying out Never Land alone and decide to claim whatever treasure she may find. While Izzy explores the Valley of Ice she discovers Queen Isabella lost Sword of Light it transforming her into Queen Isabella likeness. Jake, Cubby and Skully later catch up to Izzy and accompanied her for the rest of the quest to the Cave of Ice. After bypassing the Ice Dragon from Queen Isabelle's tale. Izzy learns that the dragon was merely protecting her frozen eggs, using the Sword of Light thawed the eggs releasing the baby dragons from their frozen prison. Queen Isabella is mentioned once more as Izzy apologize once more to the Ice Dragon for mistaking her eggs for treasure and believing Queen Isabella didn't know as well.

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