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Queen Coralie's Chariot
First appearance "Jake's Royal Rescue"
Latest appearance "The Great Never Sea Conquest"
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Queen Coralie's Chariot is a large golden shell-like chariot pulled by two giant seahorses belonging to Queen Coralie as her primary means of traversing through the Never Sea.

Roles in the series

Queen Coralie's Chariot first appeared in the episode "Jake's Royal Rescue" while Coralie is traveling through the depths of the Never Sea she is captured by Captain Hook and his crew as a ransom to gain control over the mermaid's treasure. Meanwhile Marina, Stormy, and the other mermaids prepare a show in the honor of Queen Coralie arrival at Hidden Cove. When Jake and his crew soon arrive with gifts for the queen, they soon spot the queens chariot was empty and with a message on it from Hook demanding that the mermaids hand over all their treasure for Coralie's safe return. Jake and his crew soon set a course to find Hook and rescue her.

Queen Coralie's Chariot reappears in the episode "Trading Treasures" when Queen Coralie heads to Pirate Island needing Jake and his crew assistants retrieving her Golden Glam-Shell from the Octopus while she finishes her preparations for her Fin and Frolic dance party.

Queen Coralie's Chariot returns in the episode "The Mermaid Queen's Voice". Queen Coralie was set to host and perform a concert at Mermaid Lagoon but comes down with laryngitis right before the concert begins. Jake and his crew knew the magical waters of Fa-La-La Falls that would restore the queen's voice. Unaware to the young pirates, Captain Hook desired to host his own concert for the inhabitants of Never Land and refuses to be upstaged by the mermaid queen.

Queen Coralie's Chariot reappears at the end of the episode special "The Great Never Sea Conquest". Jake and his comrades finally defeat Lord Fathom, re-imprisons the Strake and destroy the DarkLight Emerald, freeing Queen Coralie, Marina, Stormy, and the sea creatures from Fathom's control.


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