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Pirate Power Bandanas
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Other Names
User Jake,Izzy,Cubby,Skully,Bing-Bong,King Zongo
Purpose Give the wearer various depending which bandana is in use
Location Pirate Island
Final State Still with Captain Jake
The Pirate Power Bandanas are four magical bandanas given to Captain Jake and his crew by Peter Pan. As revealed by the message from Peter the power of the bandanas only last for a day.


  • Jake's bandana :Gives him the ability to fly without the need of Pixie Dust.
  • Izzy's bandana: Gives her the power of invisibility.
  • Cubby's bandana: Gives him the power of super speed.
  • Skully's bandana: Gives him the power of super strength.

Role in the series

The Pirate Power Bandanas first appeared in the episode "Captain Jake's Pirate Power Crew!",While Jake and his crew sleep Tinker Bell delivers the Pirate Power Bandanas with a note from Peter Pan on how to use them.As Jake and his crew head to Never Land to test the Pirate Power Bandanas they bump into Captain Hook and his crew search through the Never Land Jungle for Zebra Bananas.However Bing-Bong, one of King Zongo's monkey minions manage to swoop down and swipe the bundle of Zebra Bananas the pirate crew, when Hook and his crew finally catch up they discover Zongo has them all much to Hook's disappointment causing the bumbling crew to fall into the mud of Mire Pit. Later Zongo and his crew flee with the Zebra Bananas they stumble upon Jake and his crew who use there new powers of the Pirate Power Bandanas they received from Peter Pan to stop Zongo. When Skully's drops his Power Bandana of super strength it is recovered by King Zongo. With his new found might Zongo attempts to rampage across Never Land to steal the Zebra Bananas once more. Jake and his allies use their remaining Power Bandanas to outwit the Monkey King.In a fit of rage Zongo uses his Power Bandana to lift the Jolly Roger in attempt to crush the young pirates, but doing so allowed Jake and crew to swoop down and recapture the Power Bandana from Zongo leaving him powerless once more. Zongo and his minions are last seen fleeing in terror alongside Hook and his crew from Tick-Tock the Crocodile. The Pirate Power Bandanas are last seen at the end of the episode as Skully ask his crew-mate what would happen if someone combined all the Pirate Power Bandanas together.Jake and his mateys give Skully there Pirate Power Bandanas causing the parrot to grow into a giant.


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